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Shadows, San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico

San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico. Shadows in the light of darkness. We had some good fortune last week while on a photo tour Easter Sunday in La Cueva, NM at the church of San Rafael when a lady pulled up and parked in our shot. Before we had time to get upset and complain, she was already out of her truck and inviting us to see the interior of the church. It turned out to be a fitting moment. The day was forehead reddening hot outside. Inside, the welcoming, cool moistness was palpable. The light through the windows cast shadows on the deep adobe walls. The moment, lasting about ten minutes was a poignant respite for me and my guests from Minnesota. We reflected on the continual fight between light and darkness, at least when religion is involved, before we moved on to the next location. Thanks for looking. G

San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico

4 thoughts on “Shadows, San Rafael, La Cueva, New Mexico”

  1. Hi Geraint,

    This photo reminds me a simple prayer that I recite often. I simply ask that my life be like a window for his light to shine through. You captured that with the click of a camera shutter. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing Forrest and for the fine compliment. I really appreciate you looking and taking the time to write. I hope you and Marti are well. G


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