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Taos Mountain Moon Rise

Taos Mountain Moon Rise. Driving home from Abiquiu today after a great three day photo tour, I wasn’t expecting to see the scene before me. I knew the moon was rising to the east, ahead of me, as I made my way toward Taos. I was also aware that it was the beginning of a super moon. When it revealed itself from behind a bank of clouds it was indeed “super”. Thanks for looking. G


Starlings And Sunset Moon

Starlings and sunset moon, Taos, New Mexico. Heading home this evening, with the light waning on Taos mountain and the clouds, the moon rise is serenaded by the cacophony of “Sturnus vulgaris” … Starlings. As always, thanks for looking. G

starlings and sunset moon

Crescent Moon Rise San Cristobal

Crescent Moon Rise over the Sangre de Cristo foothills, San Cristobal, New Mexico. I got up early to see the thinest sliver (1%) of a waning moon rise over the hills behind the house. It was still dark when I made this image and as the sun rose the crescent blended in to the light of day. It will return tomorrow as a “new moon”. I think I’ll sleep in. Thanks for looking. G

Crescent Moon Rise San Cristobal

Sunset Cloud And Moonrise

Sunset cloud and moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains New Mexico. So… after a wonderful day around Mora NM we stopped off at the grocery store to pick up some supplies and were greeted by this amazing sight. Thank you for looking. Geraint


San Cristobal Moon Rise

San Cristobal moon rise and Taos Mountain with shades of magenta and blues. We stepped out side this evening for some cool air just as the moon rose above Taos Mountain and as the sun cast it’s evening swan song colors on the whole scene. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Moon Rise

Belfry, Raven, Full Moon, Garcia, Colorado

Belfry, Raven, Full Moon, Garcia, Colorado. The almost full moon, a belfry cross and a raven tonight in Garcia, Colorado. We made an evening drive to watch the moon rise over the Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado. It turned out to be a beautiful evening with crisp winter light on this scene. I like to think the raven enjoyed the view too, but I doubt it. He sat, perched there, faffing the whole time.

belfry full moon garcia southern colorado

Moonrise, Cimarron River, NM

Moonrise Cimarron River, where the Rockies meet the plains. This from spring 2007 at the St James Hotel Cimarron, NM.

moonrise cimarron river new mexico

Moon Rise Over The Latir Wilderness, New Mexico

Moonrise over the Latir Wilderness, New Mexico. We took a short drive north today. It was bitterly cold so we didn’t stay out too long, just long enough to make this image. The moon felt comfortably warm in this scene compared to everything else. Thanks for looking. G

moon rising over the latir wilderness new mexico

Wolf Moon, El Prado, NM

A drive by sighting in El Prado, NM this evening. The “Wolf Moon” burst on the scene as if arriving at its own surprise party. People showed up, and were pulled over all along the highway north of Taos. Thanks for looking. G

wolf moon el prado new mexico

Exquisite, Quiet Moon Rise

Exquisite, quiet moon rise, out of the kitchen window in San Cristobal, New Mexico this evening. We watched long and marveled at the site in the warmth of the kitchen over a glass of pinot noir. Thanks for looking. G