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Supermoon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains 

Supermoon, Crow Moon, rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. Also known as the Worm moon, Sap moon, Crust moon, or Maple Sugar moon! This was yesterday evening from the deck. It was so bright it kept me awake for about thirty minutes! Then some clouds drew the drapes on the night and I was out like a light. Below is the moon setting over the plateau, early this morning from the deck. Thanks for looking. G

Super Moon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Supermoon, Crow Moon,

Full Moon Setting Over The Coyote Fence

Full moon setting over the coyote fence, Arroyo Hondo, NM. I drove out this morning for, perhaps, a dramatic shot of the moon setting across the plateau. I settled on a few images of this iconic coyote style fence on the hill, north of Arroyo Hondo, with the moon beyond. Thanks for looking. G

Full moon setting over the coyote fence, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Setting Moon Across The Plateau

Setting Moon across the Taos Volcanic Plateau. The subtle hues in the morning landscape emboldened by the setting moon made for an early morning drive to remember. As we traveled south the moon traversed the cloud layer. Deciding where to pull over and make the image wasn’t too difficult, but with the moon fading fast behind the cloud we called it at this spot. Thanks for looking. G


Morning Moon, San Cristobal

Morning moon setting, San Cristobal, NM. This morning I took advantage of the time change and forsook the extra hour in bed and went outside to be greeted by the moon setting. Then I had a cup of tea. Thanks for looking. G

Morning moon San Cristobal

Harvest Moon, Taos Volcanic Plateau

Harvest moon setting over the Taos Volcanic Plateau. I went out early this morning to watch the full harvest moon setting across the plateau. The scene was augmented by clouds and mists around the hills. This image came together nicely and I made a number of other images in the Arroyo Hondo valley after the sun rise. I’ll post a few of those shots in the coming days. Thanks for looking. G

Harvest Moon setting over the Taos volcanic plateau