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Indoor Outdoor Living In Elizabethtown, NM

Indoor outdoor living in Elizabethtown (a ghost town) in the Moreno Valley in northern New Mexico. Always a fun stop when driving through the valley on the Enchanted Circle between Red River and Angel Fire. Thanks for looking. G

Indoor Outdoor Living In Elizabethtown

Eagle Nest Lake, Moreno Valley, NM

Eagle Nest Lake, in the Moreno Valley New Mexico. I found this image in the archive from a few years ago. It makes me feel as if it’s normal summer weather here in the mountains of northern NM, with an above average water level in the lake. Looking forward to the monsoons in mid July. Thanks for looking. G

Eagle Nest Lake, in the Moreno Valley

Elizabethtown Homestead, #2

Elizabethtown Homestead, #2 at the old “ghost” town site in northern New Mexico. For the past few years I’ve been making images of the abandoned homesteads around this area and over the border in southern Colorado. The collection is growing, and as these treasures are now beginning to vanish, I’ve put together a collection of images made over the last couple of decades that are now “gone”. More of those later. This homestead in Elizabethtown appears to be pulling apart and heading in two separate directions. The cemetery is just up the hill to the right. Thanks for looking. G

Elizabethtown Homestead, #2

Winter White Aspens, Moreno Valley

Winter white aspens, Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico. We made a drive yesterday (Thanksgiving day) through the Moreno Valley, from Red River, through Bobcat Pass, Eagle Nest to Angel Fire and back home again to San Cristobal. A late picnic lunch of tuna and pickle sandwiches, chips, washed down with “Happy Camper”, a true New Mexico IPA, followed by Pami’s specialty, “pumkin crunch”. It was a good day out. The peace and tranquility was exceptional. The winter down-time beckoned, although the lanky, bone white aspens, sans leaves, stood blatantly assertive, defying winter, in the surrounding forest of pines. At home again, dinner consisted of green chile, chicken stew and more pumpkin crunch followed by a nightcap of whiskey. It was a good evening. Thanks for looking. G


Here’s a link to the same grove a few years ago. Wow … seven years ago actually.

Mercury Eight Elizabethtown

Mercury Eight Elizabethtown, northern New Mexico. It’s been here for quite some time. I wish there was a time lapse of it’s decorous demise. Throughout the years it has withstood all the elements, notwithstanding, modeling for all and sundry visitors. Thanks for looking. G


Eagle Nest Lake Twilight

Eagle Nest Lake and the town of Eagle Nest at twilight in the beautiful Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico.