Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Morning

Magpie, Morning, Cottonwood Tree, San Cristobal

Magpie, morning in the old cottonwood tree, San Cristobal. We pretty much have the same view each morning as the birds who warm up and come to life. They have the sun and I have my tea. They can blast off in a hurry and me…? Just one more cup. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie, morning, cottonwood tree, San Cristobal

Anchor To Beyond

Anchor to beyond. I was photographing the dried plants around the edge of the pasture this morning. I didn’t see the spiderweb at first, holding on. The sun came out from behind a cloud for a moment and there it was, anchored to another plant ten feet away, this shimmering thread. Thanks for looking. G

Anchor To Beyond

Cottonwood Crows, San Cristobal

Cottonwood Crows. Every morning the Crows gather in the Cottonwood tree in San Cristobal NM. The crow on the right seems to be saying “Honey, I’m home!” after the graveyard shift. There are many characters among the crows in the cottonwood. I look forward to each morning when their personalities shine. Thanks for looking. G

Cottonwood Crows, San Cristobal

Morning Moon, San Cristobal

Morning moon setting, San Cristobal, NM. This morning I took advantage of the time change and forsook the extra hour in bed and went outside to be greeted by the moon setting. Then I had a cup of tea. Thanks for looking. G

Morning moon San Cristobal

Morning Blue Taos Ski Valley

Morning blue, Taos Ski Valley. This location was cold and full of fall. This little embankment of grass seemed so delicate and soft and I thought of things to come, frigid temps, snow and ice. For a moment I felt warm and satisfied. Thanks for looking. G


Arroyo Hondo Morning Sunrise

Arroyo Hondo, morning sunrise. Life is good in the pastures at sunrise in the Arroyo Hondo Valley. I spent a moment, on the drive to Taos this morning, to stop and watch the horses grazing in the light filtered fields. This is what light traveling at 186,000 miles per second can create. After spending five minutes at this spot I realized that the light had traveled millions and millions of miles when it entered my camera’s lens, passing through, as the shutter opened, to the sensor which helped produce this scene. Yep I love science, and being present to appreciate the moment. Thanks for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo Valley morning

Good Morning Pigeon

Morning Pigeon, trucking along in the shadows at the Palace of the Governors on Santa Fe Plaza, brought to mind piano keys and I could almost hear it playing music playing.