Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Mountain Sunset

Pines, Forest Road 493, Northern New Mexico

Pines, Forest Road 493, on the back roads in northern New Mexico. I can almost hear the little tree saying, “will I be like you when I grow up?” Many trees in this area were wiped out in the Hondo Fire in 1996. Those that survived stand tall. New growth has definitely begun and in the fall the burn area is a most spectacular array of golds, reds, yellows, greens and many tones of rust colors. Thanks for looking. G

Pines, Forest Road 493, New Mexico.

Sunset Cloud, Moon, Taos, New Mexico

Sunset cloud and moon over Taos, New Mexico. Confronted by this cell last week. I had to stitch a few images together to get it all in. Taken on the same evening as yesterday’s ‘bear’ cloud image, thirty minutes apart. Click on the image to enlarge. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset clouds, moon, Taos, New Mexico.

Tipi, Sky, Sunset, A Quote, Lama, NM

Tipi, sky, sunset, and a quote, Lama, NM. This quote has stayed with me since I first became aware of it many years ago. I dreamed of the wide open spaces of the west when I was a kid in South Wales. Here I am, and I’ve slept on the ground many nights with only the stars above me. Thanks for looking. G

Tipi, Sky, Sunset, A Quote, Lama, NM

Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

Sunset cloud, Taos Mountain. So, here’s the image that followed yesterday’s picture, ending that day. Had I thought about it I could have added them sequentially. But… I was diving in too deep when I should have been paddling around the edge of the pool. It’s a subtle image, I know, that is what I like about our mountain, it has many personas determined by the light, and as you know, we have the light here in New Mexico. Stay well, and I’ll see you tomorrow from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

Cottonwood, Mountain Sunset

Cottonwood at sunset in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM. A short walk out to the old cottonwood tree and the view was all mine. I got a few shots of the snow capped peaks with an unobstructed view but I like this old cottonwood hanging out in the field. Thanks for looking. G

Cottonwood at sunset in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM.

Almost Full Moon Rise, Northern NM

Almost full moon rise, in the clouds over the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Northern NM. I looked out the kitchen window, there were some clouds, all wonderfully illuminated by the setting sun. I poured myself a glass of Jameson’s whiskey. When I looked out the window again this is what I saw. Happy Vernal Equinox, thanks for looking. G

Almost Full Moon Rise, Northern NM

Sangre de Cristo Light On Snow Capped Peaks

Sangre de Cristo light on snow capped peaks. Following the golden glow and drama on the peaks in yesterday’s image, this reddish color glimmered as the last moment. Thanks for looking. G

Sangre de Cristo mountains sunset

Fire On The Mountain Sunset

Fire on the mountain. The last rays of sunlight on the Sangre de Cristo mountains set them on fire this evening. The thirty mile drive took us a little longer than usual. I mean, we just had to stop and join the mountains saying good night to the sun. Thanks for looking. G

Fire On The Mountain

Hondo Mesa, Taos Mountains Sunset

Hondo mesa, Taos Mountains sunset. A drive by shooting. Our shadow traveling along on the undulating Hondo mesa with the Taos mountains backdrop. The moment fizzled just as quickly as it began. Thanks for looking. G

Hondo Mesa Taos Mountain Sunset

Mesa Road, Mountain Sunset

Mesa Road, to the Mountain Sunset. This road runs across Taos Pueblo Land, straight as an arrow, to the mountains. It’s fenced off with this traditional style makeshift gate which works so well it’s permanent. It’s a favorite location for watching the sunset on the Sangre de Cristos. Thanks for looking. Stay warm. G

Mesa Road, Mountain Sunset