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Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado, from a few years ago now. I still head to this location but the nest and the tree are long gone. It feels much more remote than it used to without this tree. This was the only time I saw a hawk nesting here. I know that raptors abandon nests for the parasites to die off, only to return to it in another season. So it was wonderful when my friend Mark Collins and I spotted it occupied by this Swainson’s Hawk after a number of years. Stay safe and well in your nest. Thanks for looking. G

Nesting, Swainson's Hawk, San Luis Valley

Osprey Chama Valley, New Mexico

Osprey brood Chama Valley, northern New Mexico. We made a trip to check on the Osprey family on the road to Chama, N.M.  This is mom endeavoring to get the kids out of the house. Dad was a hundred yards away sans fish. Mom flew down to a fresh mown hay filed and returned clutching the hay in her talons. I can hear the conversation now. “You aren’t getting anymore fish unless you get it for yourselves, so this hay is all you’re getting if you stay here.” Seriously, it was brilliant to watch as the young ones could see no response from dad and they also had a clear view of moms trips to and from to the hay field. Thanks for looking. G

Osprey Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Osprey family in the Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Adobe Home, Magpie Nest, San Cristobal

Adobe home, magpie nest, San Cristobal. This incredible, intricately constructed nest is now a garden curio. The magpies will, no doubt, recycle the materials in to a new nest/adobe home construction next year. At least I hope so. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie nest, San Cristobal

Chicks. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Chicks. Two very curious juvenile Red-tailed Hawks on the Nest in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I’ve been watching this nest and another for some time. The other nest appeared to be recently abandoned but these two chicks at this nest site are thriving very well. By July/August they will be practicing flying lessons. I’ll keep an eye on them and fill you in on their progress. Thanks for looking. G

Chicks, Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Magpie Nest #2

Magpie nest number #2 San Cristobal NM. This is the second layer of a magpie nest that fell from the juniper tree this fall in the high winds. There are three other stages in the nest: the outer layer of large structural twigs anchoring the nest to the tree limbs; this structure, followed by a layer of decreasing twig sizes; the last layer, a structure of the tiniest twigs resembling horse hair. The eggs are laid on this final delicate structure. More photos to follow. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie nest number #2