Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Northern Rio Grande

Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande

Lobatos Bridge, crossing the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. Over the river, under the blackening storm and into the light. Earth and sky and the way between. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, Across The Rio Grande

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM. Not as large as some of the specimens seen whipping around the valleys and mesas. I have seen these entities adorned with scraps of paper, embedded with plastic grocery bags, water bottles and bits of sage brush. Around these parts they have been referred to, affectionately, as “mesa street sweepers”. Where one or more is gathered there will be others. Thanks for looking. G

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM

Ice Designs, Rio Grande, Colorado

Ice designs, on the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. I made a series of images that reminded me of aerial landscapes, except that the patterns and designs were only twenty feet below my vantage point on the bridge. A new fascination…  scenes from winter, “below, from not so far above.” Thanks for looking. G

Ice Designs Rio Grande Colorado

Northern Rio Grande, Colorado

From the northern Rio Grande with a view of Blanca Peak Range in the southern Rockies, Colorado.

northern Rio Grande with Blanca Peak Range of the southern Rockies, Colorado.