Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande

Lobatos Bridge, crossing the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. Over the river, under the blackening storm and into the light. Earth and sky and the way between. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, Across The Rio Grande

12 thoughts on “Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande”

  1. Just one of your numerous and
    Memorable images that Transcends the Imagination- let alone Difficult to let go, Geraint.
    I/We feel very Fortunate to have the Opportunity to view your vast Talent. Outstanding work!

    • I don’t think we had time to go here on this trip. I’ll introduce you to this favorite place next time you are here. Thank you Susanne. G

  2. I agree with everyone here! And there’s so much symbolism in this shot that seems to speak to my own life right now: dark, stormy sky, light on the horizon, and a bridge leading to where I want to be.

    And I love the little spirit bear looking down from the clouds. Stunning image for sure!


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