Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Patinas

Paint Patina, Chevrolet, Arroyo Seco, NM

Paint patina on that old Chevrolet truck in Arroyo Seco, NM. I haven’t posted New Mexico patina colors for a while so here’s one from the archive. It also has some staple stitching going on, a little touch of Frankenstein, if he, Herr Frankenstein had a truck. Would that make it a monster truck? All joking aside, it’s hard for me to pass up a scene like this. Thanks for looking. G

Paint Patina, Chevrolet, Arroyo Seco, NM

Wall Paint, Patina, Holman, NM

Wall paint, patina on a building in Holman, NM looks like a painting. When I first spotted this, out of the corner of my eye, I thought the little blue and rust colored spots were actual flowers. By the time the lichen and mold creep is finished with it’s work, this wall will be a masterpiece. Thanks for looking. G

Wall painting, patina, Holman, NM.

Rust On Rust, Dodge Truck, Utah

Rust on rust, on more rust, on a Dodge truck in Bluff, Utah. I’ve made many trips to Bluff over the years. This rusting old Dodge truck has already outlived me. If my memory serves me right, it was there in 1986 on my first visit. This was in May, 2019 and it’s holding up well. Thanks for looking. G

Rust On Rust On Dodge Truck, Utah

Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

Billboard art, somewhere in New Mexico. Can’t recall where, as there is so much of this in the state. There is an endless supply of material for these kind of photos. So I put together this diptych of images from two separate areas of the billboard. I hope you like it and thanks for looking. G

Billboard Art, Somewhere In New Mexico

Abstract Art In The Details

Abstract art in the details, when one gets close enough. The patina in the paint and bodywork of an old GMC truck parked in a field in Taos, NM. In this case the elements are the artist. Thanks for looking. G

Abstract art in the details

Peeling Paint, New Mexico Style

Peeling Paint, “New Mexico Style”. It’s everywhere and it wouldn’t be New Mexico without it. Old ways rule in New Mexico!!! IMHO. Thanks for looking. G

Peeling Paint, "New Mexico Style".

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Dodge truck, “Job Rated” near Twin Rocks in Bluff, Utah. The rain can make the colors pop and they did on this old Dodge. Date anyone? On a photo tour around the Four Corners. It’s been a trip! Thanks for looking. G

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Indigo Patina With Rust

Indigo patina with rust at the Cumbres and Toltec Railway in Antonito, Colorado. Compositions are not always what they seem. Pick a spot on the old engine or rail cars, point the camera and take a shot. This is a macro shot of a small detail. There are many possibilities. Thanks for looking. G

Indigo patina with rust

Patinas And Rust Galore In New Mexico

Patinas and rust galore in New Mexico. Peer in to any abandoned building, drive down any back road and you will find scenes like this one. The payoff, from rural flight, is an opportunity to document the past that often gives me a glimpse into the lives of those gone before. Thanks for looking. G

Corrugated roofing