Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Patterns

Patterns Of Decay

Patterns of decay. Slowly creeping down the wall like two dimensional stalactites. Here there and everywhere as abandoned buildings deteriorate beautifully back to the earth. Thanks for looking. G

Patterns of decay.


Looking Down, Downtown, Santa Fe

Looking down, downtown, Santa Fe, NM. Actually this was looking down in the Santa Fe rail yard district. Shapes and colors, in that order, get my attention. Playing like a kid is first and foremost. Thanks for looking. G


Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama

Ice patterns on the Rio Chama, Abiquiu New Mexico. Exploring, seeking, and open to receiving. Following are some words close to my heart from photographer Dewitt Jones. “The banquet is spread constantly, with no thought of whether anyone will attend. If I were receptive enough, perhaps I would see it in everything. But I’m not, so photography is one of the tools I use to help me concentrate, to help me see deeply, to block out all that is extraneous and see that which is essential.”

Thanks for looking. G

Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama

Wall Abstract Downtown Taos

Random wall abstract design downtown Taos, NM. When we take the occasional stroll around town I’ll make a random image with the iphone. The graffiti paint on the buttress creating a loose grid pattern, caught my eye for this random abstract. Thanks for looking. G

Wall Downtown Taos

Ice Designs, Rio Grande, Colorado

Ice designs, on the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. I made a series of images that reminded me of aerial landscapes, except that the patterns and designs were only twenty feet below my vantage point on the bridge. A new fascination…  scenes from winter, “below, from not so far above.” Thanks for looking. G

Ice Designs Rio Grande Colorado

Ice Patterns On A Parking Lot Puddle

Ice patterns on a parking lot puddle. It appears I don’t have to look far to find natures patterns at their best. Looking down by my feet near the much photographed Saint Francis Church I found this ice formation. Looking up is good, the adobe church structure is magnificent. I’ve made many images of the building at all times of the day and year. On this day I came away with this favorite. Thanks for looking. G

Ice patterns in a puddle

Ice On The Road Shoulder

Ice designs along the roadside. I stepped out of the car, looked down and these designs were staring up at me. Sometimes something is right under my nose or in this case my feet.