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Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama

Ice patterns on the Rio Chama, Abiquiu New Mexico. Exploring, seeking, and open to receiving. Following are some words close to my heart from photographer Dewitt Jones. “The banquet is spread constantly, with no thought of whether anyone will attend. If I were receptive enough, perhaps I would see it in everything. But I’m not, so photography is one of the tools I use to help me concentrate, to help me see deeply, to block out all that is extraneous and see that which is essential.”

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Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama

2 thoughts on “Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama”

  1. I remember your photo, “Ice Wizards.”. This one might be “Ice Lovers.”. Little lady on the right, in case you don’t see it at first. Look at the passion in their gazes.

    Excellent quote! That last sentence describes why I’ve always found photography so vital to my painting process – for planning compositions, seeing details up close, for source material, and for INSPIRATION!

    Thanks, Geraint, as always, for sharing your amazing way of looking at the world.


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