Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Plants

Snow Plant, Valdez NM

Snow plant, Valdez NM. I think I will rest here a while, until spring comes. I feel a lot like this plant. Gathering energy, ready for bursting out like its buds in spring time. This image was in Valdez at the San Antonio Church, one day following a snow storm. Two feet of snow around the neighborhood covered most everything. Today, after temps in the mid fifties, most of the snow is gone. Thanks for looking. G

Snow branch Valdez

In The Valle Vidal, “Valley Of Life”

Valle Vidal, “Valley of Life”, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Beautiful alpine meadows and streams, expansive vistas of the high peaks of the Sangre de Cristos, including Wheeler Peak the highest point in New Mexico, and this towering plant (6 feet tall) and I have no idea what it is. Any guesses? Thanks for looking. G

Valle Vidal, Valley of Life

Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico

Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico. Yes… I wondered what tunes the wind might play through these musical note-like, dried thistles. I thought of the dark background as black as a Steinway Piano. The dry leaves on the stalks made me think of treble and bass clefs on a page of music. In my mind I could here Mozart on the ivories. Thanks for looking and continuing to join me here on my photo of the day. G

Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico