Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico

Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico. Yes… I wondered what tunes the wind might play through these musical note-like, dried thistles. I thought of the dark background as black as a Steinway Piano. The dry leaves on the stalks made me think of treble and bass clefs on a page of music. In my mind I could here Mozart on the ivories. Thanks for looking and continuing to join me here on my photo of the day. G

Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico

2 thoughts on “Thistle Notes, Baca Park, Taos, New Mexico

  1. Teasel: We have them up in SE Washington – such a photogenic plant, and you’ve captured these so elegantly!
    You know, I’ve never seen them flowering or in a green state – just the dried stalks in fall and persisting through winter. I need to be more observant in spring and summer!

    1. Thanks Ian. I looked at your images. Wonderful. I think the bare thistles have more appeal than the flowering thistles. The bare ones have more personality whereas the flowering ones look like … well … thistles. Tnaks for looking and taking the time to comment. G

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