Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Sunflower Pods, Moon Rise

Sunflower pods, Moon rise, from the meadow. I just got back in and decided this image from earlier this evening, when the moon first rose over the mountains, would make a good post. The colors were pretty cool and the moon was bright when it cleared the hazy clouds. It’s a composite exposure. I shot last years sunflowers in focus in the first image and racked focus to the moon in the second. Same exposure in both images. Combined them in Photoshop®. Thanks for looking and happy moon watching. G

Sunflower pods, Moon rise, from the meadow.

Sunflower Pods, Three’s Company, Lakeside

Sunflower pods, three’s company, lakeside on the road to Las Vegas, NM. It’s late December and cold but these sunflower pods warm up a winter scene. Thanks for looking. G

Three's Company, Lakeside, Sunflower Pods

Sunflower Seed Pods, Late Fall, NM

Sunflower seed pods, late Fall, sustenance for the Finches and Pine Siskins showing up in large numbers right now in San Cristobal. I supplement the natural bird feed with wild bird seed in the feeders. Thanks for looking. As cold as it is getting at night, I hope you are enjoying Fall where you are. G

Sunflower Seed Pods, Late Fall, NM

Milkweed Pod, Seeds And Floss

Milkweed Pod, Seeds and Floss. This particular pod birthed the whole seed group at once. I picked up the pod and it rolled out into my hand. Thanks for looking. G

Milkweed Pod, Seeds and Floss.

Milkweed, Everywhere.

Milkweed, everywhere! At this time of year this humble plant exposes itself unabashedly to the countryside. The seeds, attached to the silky floss, are carried on the wind to the wild places where, this plant thrives. I like the fact that this plant cannot be tamed and readily cultivated, (Standard Oil tried); it is essential to to the existence of the Monarch Butterfly, and sans the Milkweed, no Monarch butterflies. Interesting note: the floss of the plant is used by the Ogallala Comforter Company in manufacturing hypo-allergenic comforters and to help protect the Monarch Butterfly’s habitat. You can read more here. Thanks for looking. G