Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Arroyo Hondo Mesa Rainbow

Arroyo Hondo Mesa, Rainbow. The promise from last nights post tonight. It was so large and I was so close that even three stitched images couldn’t fit it all in. The outer arc was thinly veiled in the clouds, so not as defined as the parts you see. I plan to do better! As always thank you for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo Mesa Rainbow

Monsoon Afternoons, Evenings In Taos And Beyond

Monsoon afternoons and evenings in the Taos area, northern New Mexico and beyond. The more monsoon rains the merrier, saves watering the garden, keeps the woods lush and green and cools the air for the night time. Thanks for looking. G

Monsoon afternoons and evenings in Taos and beyond.

Backroads, Northern New Mexico

Backroads, off Highway 64, near Hopewell Lake, northern New Mexico. As the rain didn’t come to us, we went to the rain. It was heavy through the mountains and torrential heading north to Chama, NM. When we pulled off the highway and drove down this road I was wishing I had brought the single malt. All we were missing besides was the heather. Thanks for looking. G

Backroads, Northern New Mexico

Elizabethtown Cemetery, Moreno Valley

Elizabethtown Cemetery. Afternoon thunderstorms, rain and hail and moody lighting add to the atmosphere on this drive through the high country in the Moreno Valley northern New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Elizabethtown Cemetery, Moreno Valley

Isolated Storm Cell

Isolated storm cell approaching San Cristobal and points north. One of those moments where I just have to pull over and watch what happens. I always make an image, for the record, but didn’t think this one would have much impact at this point. When I awoke this morning I heard my wife exclaim “look how green things are”! The fields and grass were noticeably brighter. This one had become an overnight ground soaker. Thanks for looking. G

Isolated Storm Cell

Highway, Ocate, On The Plains, NM

Highway, Ocate, NM. Big storm lots of rain, green as green can get where the Rockies meet the Plains. It was worth getting wet to be out there with the scent of damp earth, wet grass, and me, and the mullein plant standing sentry, silently, dutifully along both sides of the highway. Thanks for looking. G


Penitente Morada, Abiquiu NM

Penitente Morada, Abiquiu NM. The storm clouds build and rains come in the afternoon during monsoon season. This building has borne witness to that fact for a couple of centuries. Thanks for looking. G


San Francisco de Asis Church In Water

San Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM. Discovered in a rapidly evaporating puddle, following afternoon rain storms this week on a photo workshop around northern New Mexico, and as always a great opportunity to discover new views and angles. Thanks for looking. G

San Francisco de Asis church ranchos de Taos

San Cristobal Chapel Rainbow

San Cristobal Chapel Rainbow. The other end of the rainbow from last night’s image which was made shortly after this one when the sun returned to the skies. The torrential rains rutted the road in places, filled the ditches and deposited rusty tin cans from ancient dumping grounds in the woods. When it rains historical artifacts rise to the surface. Thanks for looking. G


San Cristobal Valley Rainbow

San Cristobal Valley Rainbow. Stepped out this evening and thought to myself about how far do I really need to go, from this place I call home, to find beauty? I think I will stay right here. Thanks for looking. G