Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Rains

Summer Storms, Northern New Mexico

Summer Storms in northern New Mexico. One column after another, the rain storms move across the plateau like lazy marching bands, slouching along, with very little purpose, meandering at will, and with no particular destination. As I watch I find my mood shifts and I join in the metaphoric march. Thanks for looking. G


Storms Across The Plateau

Storms Across The Plateau. Shafts of sunlight play tag with the shadows coursing across the northern New Mexico landscape. Thanks for looking. G

Storms across the Plateau

Thunderheads And Monsoons

Thunderheads and monsoon clouds building over the Sangre de Cristo foothills. Looking forward to some cool rains a little later this week.

Thunderheads And Monsoons

El Salto Rains, Sangre de Cristos

El Salto Rains. I have often seen the rain falling on El Salto and Lucero Peaks when it looks like this. The peaks give scale to the columns of rain as they march steadily on in some perceptible purpose through the rock formations to the high Sangre de Cristos beyond. Thanks for looking. G

El Salto Rains rain falling on the sangre de cristo mountains