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Red-Tailed Hawk, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Red-tailed Hawk, in the old cottonwood in Arroyo Hondo, NM. The guardian of the Hondo Valley, steadfast and true. Shows up daily without fail. Critters beware! Thanks for looking. G

Red-tailed Hawk, Arroyo Hondo, NM.

Roadside Lunch, Red-Tailed Hawk

Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos de Taos valley today. We whipped past this magnificent raptor catching a glimpse of it out of the car window. We wheeled around and pulled over to watch. Thinking it would take off, I got a couple of images in camera then realigned the car for a better angle. It had no thoughts of leaving the carcass. It just kept on tearing bits of flesh from the bones, leaving me with a number of images. As the hawk feasted on it’s lunch we sat in awe feasting on this sight. Thanks for looking. G

Roadside lunch, Red-tailed Hawk in the Ranchos valley.

Golden Eagle, Breakfast, Bobcat Pass, NM

Golden Eagle, with breakfast, of a road kill deer on Bobcat Pass, NM. Throwback Thursday or flashback Friday depending on when you see my post. I made this image in 2012. I actually used another shot of this bird in my book, which is being reprinted in Canada as we speak. I’m very excited and looking forward to when the Museum of New Mexico Press re-issues it. I thought I would share this image for the birds impressive, regal posture and downright powerful nature. Oh! … and it’s willingness to acknowledge my presence and it’s ability to stay focussed on the meal at hand. Thanks for looking. G

Golden Eagle, breakfast, on Bobcat Pass, NM.

Osprey Chama Valley, New Mexico

Osprey brood Chama Valley, northern New Mexico. We made a trip to check on the Osprey family on the road to Chama, N.M.  This is mom endeavoring to get the kids out of the house. Dad was a hundred yards away sans fish. Mom flew down to a fresh mown hay filed and returned clutching the hay in her talons. I can hear the conversation now. “You aren’t getting anymore fish unless you get it for yourselves, so this hay is all you’re getting if you stay here.” Seriously, it was brilliant to watch as the young ones could see no response from dad and they also had a clear view of moms trips to and from to the hay field. Thanks for looking. G

Osprey Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Osprey family in the Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Chicks. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Chicks. Two very curious juvenile Red-tailed Hawks on the Nest in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I’ve been watching this nest and another for some time. The other nest appeared to be recently abandoned but these two chicks at this nest site are thriving very well. By July/August they will be practicing flying lessons. I’ll keep an eye on them and fill you in on their progress. Thanks for looking. G

Chicks, Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Nesting Red-Tailed Hawk

Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. It’s that time of year again and all the usual nest locations are occupied, except one. The pair that raised two chicks in that particular nest last year, are now nesting in another tree close by. It’s a privilege getting to observe these families of raptors in their environment. Not wanting to disturb this bird we made a few images and moved on. Thanks for looking. G

Nesting Red-Tailed Hawk

Hawk Tree, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Hawk tree, Red-tailed Hawk in Arroyo Hondo, NM. Our resident Red-tailed, frequents three locations. A high cottonwood with a view of the east and west valleys. This tree, with a more specific view of the meadows, supplemented with an old snag on the opposing, west side of the highway with grand coverage of the marsh lands and horse pastures. If these are the only places, then it has got the valley covered. I’m sure it knows more than I do. Thanks for looking. G

Hawk Tree, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Kestrel Territory On The Plateau

Kestrel territory on the plateau. That same American Kestrel from April 1, 2019. This is its territory, it owns it. The pleasure is all mine to observe and wonder at the beauty of this bird. This photo is the appreciation of the moment I was able to participate in. Thanks for looking. G

Kestrel territory on the plateau.

American Kestrel, Highway Hunting

American Kestrel, highway hunting during the last snow storm. This little creature didn’t let the weather deter it. The weather would be to its advantage and the weather probably didn’t even come into account. This American Kestrel’s nature comes from the same place as the snow. Thanks for looking. G

American Kestrel, Highway Hunting

Red-Tailed Hawk Aloft

Red-Tailed Hawk aloft over Cerro New Mexico. On the way to a quick photo shoot near Ute Mountain, I caught this beautiful raptor out the car window. I’m convinced it knows my maroon 4 Runner as it has a knack for taking off, from it’s perch, when it sees me long before I pull over. In this case it flew in my direction right past my open window. Thanks for looking. G

Red-Tailed Hawk Aloft