Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Urban Aspens, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Urban aspens, and a wall lamp. Minimalism and the natural elements in a parking lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Urban Aspens, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Staircase To the Top In Santa Fe

Staircase to the top Santa Fe, New Mexico. A lot of times I’m walking down the road and look to my right or left and simply make an image. This one is from a few years ago for a story on ghost tours in Santa Fe. Looks a little spooky, right? Also it looks like it doesn’t go anywhere.

Today I’ve added a new feature to my website called “My Musings” I will be offering these free PDF downloads for your enjoyment, viewing pleasure and inspiration. Please feel free to share with your family and friends or on social media. As always thank you for looking. Geraint.

Staircase To the Top

Santa Fe Architectural Detail

Santa Fe architectural detail. When on the town in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it’s not to difficult to find more than enough scenes to fill a camera’s memory card. In fact there are some wonderful details around every corner. Discerning which images to work with is another matter. In this case, I liked the simplicity of the composition, and discarded other, more cluttered and somewhat contrived variations. This image actually turned out to be one of the first couple of frames I made. Sometimes first impressions are the best. Thanks for looking. G


Santa Fe Gallery Wall

Santa Fe Gallery Wall. I love finding these little vignettes. The space between. Art beyond the walls.


Good Morning Pigeon

Morning Pigeon, trucking along in the shadows at the Palace of the Governors on Santa Fe Plaza, brought to mind piano keys and I could almost hear it playing music playing.


Mountain Geological Survey

Mountain Geological Survey. Yeah right. This a more of a drive by geological observation and cell phone snap. The shape of the rock, the tilted, tipsy looking trees, caused me to pull over and make a quick picture in the Santa Fe National Forest. Cheers. G

mountain geological survey santa fe national forest