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La Luna, Las Vegas Window, Taos Gallery Show. 12-07-22

Greetings from stormy San Cristobal. I was looking forward to seeing la luna’s occultation of mars tonight. It will happen, although I doubt it will be visible in this neck of the woods with all the clouds and the chance of snow. My fingers are crossed that there will be a thinning out of the clouds at just the right time. Here’s a photo I shot in the early morning hours two years ago. If you would like to read more about this event click here. In the meantime, here’s a picture of la luna on a night when the sky was crystal clear.

La Luna, Full moon Taos New Mexico
La Luna.

Before Covid 19 I made a few trips to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Las Vegas is a fun town to spend time wandering around, loitering on park benches, visiting antique stores, and eating at some of the fun restaurants. One of my favorite things to do is window stalking with a camera.

Damascus sewing machine Las Vegas NM
Damascus Sewing Machine, Las Vegas, NM

The group show “Photography in B&W” at The Wright Contemporary in Taos continues. There was a successful and well-attended opening reception last Friday. If you happen to be in Taos, stop in and take a look.

The Wright Contemporary is located at 627 Paseo del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM 87571 575-224-0530

Below are a few more images featured in this group show.

Walking hay sticks
Walking haystack sticks.
Mohave Gas turbines
Mohave Gas, and wind turbines.
Kachinas, Monument Valley Trading Post
Kachinas, Monument Valley Trading Post, AZ
Wall sculpture Railyard Santa Fe
Wall sculpture Railyard Santa Fe, NM

As always. Thanks so much for looking. Stay well. G

Shoot it, because it’s there. July 13, 2022

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM

Shoot! In the James Bond movie, Skyfall, Naomi Harris who plays Moneypenny, is told by ‘M’ to take the shot. Of course, she hits Bond, and he survives. That’s how it goes in movies. It’s not a bad motto for this photographer as the title suggests, shoot it because it’s there! So here are a few favorites from the ‘shoot it because it’s there’ category.

This truck is parked in Questa just north of Taos. In the color version, the vehicle is yellow. I much prefer the image in black and white.

Truck in Questa, New Mexico
A truck parked in Questa, New Mexico.

Below, I caught some early morning shadows at the Saint Francis Church on the High Road to Taos.

Saint Francis church Ranchos de Taos
A number seven in the shadows at the Saint Francis Church in Ranchos de Taos.

Out for a morning coffee, where even the mundane is worth a shot for me.

Table and chairs, Taos
Cafe table and chairs in Taos.

I shot this image of a line of box springs that created a fence around a property in Elizabethtown on the Enchanted Circle Drive in the mountains of northern NM.

Box spring fence
A fence constructed of box springs in Elizabethtown, NM.

Lunch at an upstairs cafe on the Santa Fe Plaza above the outdoor diners below.

Restaurant awning Santa Fe
A restaurant awning over outside dining in Santa Fe.

Lunch in Dixon, NM. An Umbrella awning at the Dixon Coop Market and Cafe.

Coca cola umbrella awning
Coca cola umbrella awning, Dixon, NM.

On a photo tour to Abiquiu, the Rio Chama, and beyond, we stopped for lunch at the Abiquiu Inn. While waiting for the maître d’ I shot what I saw looking down.

Floor covering, Abiquiu Inn, NM
The floor covering at the Abiquiu Inn, NM.

As always. Thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

Chair, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Flashback, 1985

Chair, Santa Fe, New Mexico, flashback, 1985. I’ve had a silver gelatin print of this chair in my office ever since. It’s of no importance really, I just like it. I’ve collected images of chairs over the years. I seem to recall this one may have been on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Thanks for looking. G

Chair, Santa Fe, New Mexico, flashback, 1985.

Santa Fe Stairwell Shadows

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Downtown shadows on a stairwell wall. I can’t remember where exactly. Not like me to forget. Dipped into the archives again and I found this little item. If you haven’t been receiving my photo of the day in your inbox, I apologize. I think it is fixed tonight. If not please let me know or resign up for my daily post. As always, thank you for looking. Geraint.

Santa Fe Stairwell Shadows

Stairway To No Where

Stairway to no where… well, it went to the second floor at a gallery in Santa Fe. Pulled from the archives, the physical source of the stairs in this image elude me. Enjoy, and as always, thanks for looking. G

Stairway To No Where ... well almost

Red Vine, Downtown Santa Fe

Red Vine, wall creeper in downtown Santa Fe New Mexico. Fall colors are finally showing up everywhere. I hope you can get out and enjoy the fall in your area. If you are so inclined to join me on a photo tour I’ll be glad to show you fall colors in New Mexico. I still have a few days open in October. Thanks for looking. G

Red Vine, Downtown Santa Fe

Lamy, New Mexico Train Depot

Lamy, New Mexico train depot luggage wagon with chile ristra. Things change and the Santa Fe Southern train station now serves coffee and home brews. The Chili Line Brewing Co. opened this weekend for business. The folks running it are delightful and if you are in the area stop in and visit the Lamy depot, step back in time and enjoy a hand crafted beer on tap. Even if you’re not catching the train to anywhere, it’s worth a visit. Things change and this feels like one for the better. Thanks for looking. G

Lamy, New Mexico Train Depot

Chimney Clouds, Santa Fe

Chimney clouds, in the rail yard district, Santa Fe, New Mexico. When you’re walking down the street and something catches your eye, a serendipitous moment, you just got to take a snapshot. Thanks for looking. G

Chimney Clouds, Santa Fe

Looking Down, Downtown, Santa Fe

Looking down, downtown, Santa Fe, NM. Actually this was looking down in the Santa Fe rail yard district. Shapes and colors, in that order, get my attention. Playing like a kid is first and foremost. Thanks for looking. G


Urban Aspens #2 Santa Fe, NM

Urban Aspens #2 Santa Fe, NM in the Rail Yard district. I thought the bare aspens would show my increased, hurried, anticipation of the greening of spring. I certainly like the way the stark bark works with the other elements. Thanks for looking. G

Urban Aspens #2 Santa Fe, NM