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Tag: Showy Milkweed

Milkweed Seed And Rabbit Brush

Milkweed Seed and Rabbit Brush. Carried on the morning breeze through the neighborhood, the hardy milkweed seed settles on the rabbit brush. Sooner or later the seed will be released from the floss. Thanks for looking. G

Milkweed seed

Showy Milkweed (Asclepias Speciosa)

Showy Milkweed (Asclepias Speciosa) thriving along unmown road shoulders, in disheveled corners of fields, abandoned gardens and where ever wildness reigns in Taos County, New Mexico. This plant is essential to the existence of the Monarch Butterfly. Sans the Milkweed, no Monarch butterflies. Interesting note: the floss of the plant is used by the Ogallala Comforter Company in manufacturing hypo-allergenic comforters and to help protect the Monarch Butterfly’s habitat. You can read more here. Thanks for looking. G

Showy Milkweed Asclepias speciosa in Taos County NM