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Cumbres Pass, Aspen Grove, Spring, Colorado

Cumbres Pass, aspen grove, spring, Colorado. Spring in the Rockies is just a most beautiful time of year. The temps are crisp and cool, the light is pristine and warming moisture surrounds and invigorates me. Thanks for looking. G

Cumbres Pass, aspen grove, spring, Colorado.

Green Willows, Orilla Verde, NM

Green willows and a few cottonwood trees, Orilla Verde in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Watching the seasons and colors change along the banks of the river and living here, surrounded by all this beauty, does this soul good. Thanks for looking. G

Green, Willows, Orilla Verde

Spring Blossoms, Downtown Taos, NM

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM. Spring is in full bloom and these trees in blossom are lining the streets, filling the gardens and orchards with color. We made a quick drive out today. I have to say it was a pristine spring day, one of the most glorious we’ve seen in a while. I hope your day was wonderful. Thanks for looking. G

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM.

Spring, Taos Mountain Light

Spring, Taos Mountain light, from the archives this month a few years ago. I’m taking this distancing seriously. I figured that this is enough distance to get in the whole mountain, plus a few extraneous snow capped peaks. I also don’t have to be physically out there! Thanks for looking. Stay well. G

Spring, Taos Mountain light

Cave View, New Mexico Back Country

Yesterday, Pami, myself and friends, Chris and Carla, made a trip to beyond, the back of beyond. We have future plans for more trips back, to the back of beyond. Much of the trip was spent driving Arroyo del Cobre, north of Abiquiu, NM. The arroyo narrowed considerably, until, what can marginally be called a road clambered out of it to a bench. After more sandy driving and choking dust we arrived at an artesian spring in a boggy meadow. Later, we visited an ancient petrified river bed and this shady ledge with a cave, probably dug many years ago by a prospector. There are camps and hunting grounds of indigenous peoples, strewn with artifacts, in this land of red rocks. These days, hundreds of bonsai junipers and tranquility abide. Chris said “we are geological time travelers”.  Thanks, Chris and Carla for being our guides. Thanks everyone for looking. G

Cave view, New Mexico back country


New Mexico True, back country


Artesian Spring


Petrified river bed


Petrified river bed


Bonsai Juniper


Rio Chama Overlook, Abiquiu, NM

Rio Chama overlook, in Abiquiu, NM. Lets stay in this area one more day. It’s greening up in northern New Mexico. It’s not looking quite like this just yet but it’s getting there. That means spring is here and that’s a good thing. I can feel the days warming up, with milder evenings where the wind has second thoughts. This place on the Rio Chama is a favorite stop on many photo tours. You can see why. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Chama overlook, in Abiquiu, NM. Lets stay in this area one more day. It's greening up in northern New Mexico.

Taos Mountain, Spring Clouds, Sunshine

Taos Mountain, spring clouds, sunshine, feels good with a slight breeze and scent of sage. It is beautiful out there this spring despite the current situation. And, as I said recently, there’s a lot of out there, out there. Be safe, be safer. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, spring clouds, sunshine,

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM. On a photo tour today in the Valle Vidal (Valley of Life) at Comanche Point where the Rio Costilla and Comanche Creek meet. The temps were in the low 30’s F. and the windchill ten degrees colder. Flocks of Cowbirds, Mountain Bluebirds, and Robins were in abundance, impervious to the snow and cold. By noon the snow was gone. The wind eased up by mid afternoon as we photographed hawks, wild horses and old homesteads in the San Luis Valley. By the end of day 6oº F felt positively tropical. Thanks for looking. G

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona. Cruising the overlooks this evening to get some images of the canyon from the south rim. Tomorrow morning a tour with Navajo guides on the valley floor with many water crossings. Should be fun. Stay tuned and thanks for looking. G

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona