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Blossoms For Earth Day, San Cristobal

Blossoms for Earth Day, San Cristobal, NM. Blossoms for Earth Day, San Cristobal, NM. So I thought I’d post something pretty today for Earth Day, April 22, 2018. The trees are tempted to bust out even though the night time temps are still quite cool.

And a quote … Thanks for looking. G

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.  Anaïs Nin

Blossoms For Earth Day, San Cristobal

Arroyo Hondo, Red Willow Valley

Red willow and cottonwood in the Arroyo Hondo Valley. Finishing up a three day photo tour we ended at this fabulous location in the Arroyo Hondo valley with red willows along the acequia, cottonwood tree, mountain snows and a perfectly placed cloud. Thanks for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo, Red Willow Valley

Ploughed Fields And Blanca Peak

Ploughed fields in the San Luis Valley. Center pivot irrigator, and beyond spring snow pack on 14,000 foot Blanca Peak along with the Crestone Peaks of the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado.


San Luis Valley Trailer Park

A trailer parked in the San Luis Valley. On closer inspection this trailer appeared to have been deposited by a tornado in the middle of nowhere. It’s a little topsy turvy and all akimbo. Thanks for looking. G


Road Through A Fog Bow

The road through the fog bow, El Rito, north, New Mexico. Early one morning on the drive to Denver I just had to pull over and watch the fog recede and the sun begin to breathe it’s breath on the landscape. What I call a fog bow developed and added an extra element to the scene. Thanks for checking in. G


Ant Hill In The Field This Evening

Ant hill in the field in San Cristobal this evening. I love to watch them grow in their individual perfection. I included the elements of the landscape for scale and location. I spotted this particular ant hill this evening and put the camera on the ground to include some sky for balance. Thanks for looking. G


Kayaking The Rio Grande

Kayaking the Rio Grande. A boater negotiates big rapids in the spring run off created by heavy snows this winter. This rapid is on the “Race Course” section of the Rio Grande in Taos County, northern New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G


Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley

Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley, Colorado. We stumbled across this beautiful creature and made a few images as it let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was encroaching on it’s nesting territory. There were many hawks this day and any approach seemed to entice them from the nest, to abandon the chicks in order to distract us intruders. We moved on and left them to their familial duties. Thanks for looking. G



Mountain Storms And Snow

Mountain storms and snow with heavy rains on the Mesa moved in thick and fast today. Tonight, the sky is clear and the almost full moon is shining like a spotlight.