Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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“Ruins Of America Trading Post” Colorado

Ruins of America Trading Post, near Dove Creek. Colorado. A dollar for this photo, thanks Ron, and signs declaring, “Welcome come on in…” “Pull” ” Push” “Closed” and in the image below on the door is their motto. I’m not knocking it! It’s a fine motto. Even though the place was closed I think the chair and brooms were a nice homey touch. Oh… they also have maps and information, books, salvage, antiques, coffee and of course, BEANS! Thanks for looking, and understanding. G

Ruins Of America Trading Post

Trading Post motto… “May our motto always be that our customers enter in anticipation and leave without regrets”

Ruins Of America Trading Post

Dryland Beans, Ruins of America Trading Post sign. I always thought, the numerous times I’ve passed this place, that it was the “beans” that ruined America.

Ruins Of America Trading Post

Valley Store, San Cristobal

Valley Store, San Cristobal, New Mexico. I can drive around the block and find a little treat of some sorts. Even though the store is closed, it is still available for a steely snapshot against a northern New Mexico sky. Thanks for looking. G


Old Market Adorned With Turquoise

The old market in Arroyo Hondo, dressed in the official state color, turquoise, and glowing in the late afternoon sun.