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Tree, Mountain Cloud, San Cristobal, NM

I missed the ball this evening as I didn’t pay attention to the time. I was busy making images of my neighbor Dennis’s tree with the low cloud and peaks breaking through when I remembered the time which was getting close to the moon’s rise. Because we live so close to the mountains I sometimes have to drive a little bit north and west to see it at the right time. I had planned a drive out toward the fourteeners in Colorado. Oh well. I did drive north a little way to see the moon rise over Lama mountain. The first image is from our garden and the second is the moon rising over Lama. Thanks for looking. I promise to do better next time. G

dennis tree 5323

Ute Mountain, Tree, Clouds, Sunset

Ute Mountain, tree, clouds, sunset. Below is one of many images from my afternoon and evening drive yesterday. I was headed to the aspen groves to make some images of green trunks, new growth and rustling new leaves. The area was closed for Elk calving until July 25th. Onward! As is often the case, a carefree attitude is rewarded with sublime moments. Yesterday was a good day for an outing and some fun images like this mountain halo. Stay tuned. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain, tree, clouds, sunset.

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado, from a few years ago now. I still head to this location but the nest and the tree are long gone. It feels much more remote than it used to without this tree. This was the only time I saw a hawk nesting here. I know that raptors abandon nests for the parasites to die off, only to return to it in another season. So it was wonderful when my friend Mark Collins and I spotted it occupied by this Swainson’s Hawk after a number of years. Stay safe and well in your nest. Thanks for looking. G

Nesting, Swainson's Hawk, San Luis Valley

Tree, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

Tree in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument an area within the Taos Plateau volcanic field. It is an exceptional area and perfect right now if you want to roam alone. From here you can see a hundred miles north to the snow capped peaks of the Rocky mountains in Colorado. If you prefer solitude to crowds this is the place to be. As you may have gathered distancing here is easy. Check out this link for more info on this area. Thanks for looking. G

Tree, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

Homestead, Tree, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Homestead with tree, on the plateau in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Today we criss-crossed the valley looking for a view of the Blanca Peak Massif. There were some great views of the spectacular fourteen thousand foot plus peak, but I always remember to look over my shoulder. Thanks for looking. G

Homestead, Tree, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Blue Door, Garcia, Colorado

Blue Door, Garcia, Colorado. What the road passes. A day trip around the block in southern Colorado. On this trip we made a big figure eight through the San Luis Valley. We stopped in Costilla and Garcia to photograph some of the abandoned homesteads. Directly over my shoulder, an abandoned Conoco gas station, formally owned by Mr. Cordova beckoned us. Marco pulled over. His dog, who was getting it’s exercise running behind the car, stopped and visited too! Marco told us that, when he was eight years old, he would trade Mr. Cordova a handful of pennies for a handful of bubble gum! I love my job and the people I meet. Join me for what is fast becoming the most popular of my photography tour/workshops. From spectacular scenery to subtle scenes like this one. I hope to see you out this way soon. Thanks for looking. G

Blue Door, Garcia, Colorado

Dennis’s Tree, Light Under Dark Skies

Dennis’s tree, light under dark skies, in the San Cristobal Valley, northern New Mexico. Watching this tree over the years, reflect the evening light and changes in seasons in the valley brings to mind, in some small way, what Monet might have experienced painting his haystack series. Thanks for looking. G

Dennis's Tree, Light Under Dark Skies

Beautiful Bald Eagle And Moon

Bald Eagle and a partial moon in the Orilla Verde, Pilar, New Mexico. This is the first time I’ve see this bald eagle in this tree for a couple of years. I’m not saying that it hasn’t roosted here in a couple of years, I’m saying I haven’t seen it here for a couple of years. So yesterday it was a magnificent sight to see … one bald eagle in it’s roost and the waxing moon rising over the Rio Grande Gorge to put it all in context. Thanks for looking. G

 Bald eagle and moon