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Beautiful Bald Eagle And Moon

Bald Eagle and a partial moon in the Orilla Verde, Pilar, New Mexico. This is the first time I’ve see this bald eagle in this tree for a couple of years. I’m not saying that it hasn’t roosted here in a couple of years, I’m saying I haven’t seen it here for a couple of years. So yesterday it was a magnificent sight to see … one bald eagle in it’s roost and the waxing moon rising over the Rio Grande Gorge to put it all in context. Thanks for looking. G

 Bald eagle and moon

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bald Eagle And Moon”

  1. Ah- love this one. These last two months have been full of gorgeous shots. Thanks for posting them- makes my day!
    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you Kirsten
      Greetings to you, Robert and your family, Thank you for looking and continuing to enjoy my work. I really appreciate it very much. Happy new year. G


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