Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Wood Pile

Winter Wood Pile

Winter wood pile with some latir poles for a fence and the wall of the potting shed. Sometimes I walk around the property and snap images with the cell phone camera looking for shapes, composition and color. Camera studies for future works, much like a painter makes studies of a scene. The shapes make me smile in this image. Not much of this location will resemble this tomorrow. It will be well and truly buried after the snow fall we received in the last twenty four hours. Thanks for looking. Stay warm. G

Winter Wood Pile

Big Pile Of Wood Llano De San Juan

Big pile of wood in Llano De San Juan, just off the high road to Taos. Almost as big as a house and growing. In fact, all the wood piles are getting larger between my trips along the high road in the last couple of months, indicative of a potentially long, and cold winter to come. I better start cutting. Thanks for looking. G