Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: September 2016

Garcia Park, New Mexico

Garcia Park. Making images in the aspens during their peak in Garcia Park, northern New Mexico. Almost a pilgrimage every year, in the fall, for the past 30 years. Here’s an image from a few days ago in another area of aspens with a few leaves hanging in there! This area is a prime location for a fall photo tour of private photography workshop.

Garcia Park, New Mexico, making images in the aspens.


Road Less Traveled

“Road Less Traveled” across the Taos volcanic plateau, enlivened with the added splendor of walking rain, Virga, a mass of streaks of rain appearing to hang under a cloud and evaporating before reaching the ground.

The Road Less Traveled across the plateau

Stand Of Aspens Cumbres Pass

The Stand of aspens on the slopes of the Cumbres Pass on the Colorado New Mexico border. At first thought they appear almost afraid to stand alone, gathered in a huddled like posture, creating the feeling of strength in numbers.  A subsequent thought occurred to me; what a ‘content’ little grouping of trees! Cheers. G

The Stand of aspens, cumbres pass new mexico

Sunset Road, Source Of The Rainbow

Sunset Road and the source of the rainbow in the ’65 mph rainbow’ image on September 23, 2016  That’s what I love about a rainbow the source of the light is an equally amazing scene to behold. Thanks for checking in. G

sunset road and the source of the rainbow San Luis Valley Colorado Road


Hanging In There

Aspen leaves. There are some areas where the leaves are peaking and some stands of aspen where the few leaves remaining are “hanging in there”. This image was made in Garcia Park in the high country of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, northern New Mexico.

aspen leaves garcia park new mexico

Milkweed, Everywhere.

Milkweed, everywhere! At this time of year this humble plant exposes itself unabashedly to the countryside. The seeds, attached to the silky floss, are carried on the wind to the wild places where, this plant thrives. I like the fact that this plant cannot be tamed and readily cultivated, (Standard Oil tried); it is essential to to the existence of the Monarch Butterfly, and sans the Milkweed, no Monarch butterflies. Interesting note: the floss of the plant is used by the Ogallala Comforter Company in manufacturing hypo-allergenic comforters and to help protect the Monarch Butterfly’s habitat. You can read more here. Thanks for looking. G



Rio Grande Colorado

Rio Grande Colorado. Crossing the Lobatos Bridge looking downstream, the Rio Grande starts to wind it’s way through the beginnings of the low rocky canyon walls. It’s a wonderful feeling to stand on the bridge with the water moving relaxed and unhurried below when I get to ponder how many people have crossed the river at this point and who they were. And … before the bridge, did this point serve as a crossing point for pioneer wagons and prior to that the Spanish Conquistadors?


65 MPH Rainbow, San Luis Valley

65 mph rainbow … driving home through the San Luis Valley, Colorado. We were in the rainbow for a number of miles as the sun set. At some points along the way we could just make out our shadowy selves, under the rainbow, in the the cab of the truck.