Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: February 2017

The Marshes

Marshes in the bosque del apache, socorro, NM
I made this composition through the grasses in the marshes at the Bosque del Apache, NWR

Northern Pintail Ducks

Northern Pintail Ducks in the Bosque del Apache NWR, Socorro, New Mexico. I love the crisp, bright clear light and how it feels when morning breaks on a winter day in the National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, NM


Christ In The Desert Monastery

Christ in the Desert Monastery on the Rio Chama, New Mexico. I made this image on a photo tour of the Abiquiu area. The monastery road follows the Chama River for thirteen miles through some of the most beautiful terrain in New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G


Found On The Road Dead

“Found on the road dead.” Old chair in southern Colorado at the New Mexico state line. Came across this scene four years or so ago … revisited recently and it’s still dead, but with an air of “come hither” about it.


“It’s mine, I killed it and now I’m going to eat it!”

Merlin. “It’s mine, I killed it and now I’m going to eat it!”  I made this image yesterday on my way home from my gallery in Arroyo Seco. I spotted the raptor on the fence post as I drove along. I pulled over, reversed about 100 feet and wound down my window. I said to myself, ‘that’s a male Merlin falcon, perhaps a juvenile’. I stopped about 20 feet away and while I was changing lenses I observed the Merlin tear at a dead bird’s chest … at least I’m pretty sure it was dead. I made about a dozen images, each, very much like this one. A few minutes later when a pickup came whipping by me, scaring the Merlin, the raptor took off clenching it’s prey. This evening I wrote to my friend Jean-Luc Catron, author of Raptors of New Mexico to confirm my ID of the bird. This is his reply … “What a beautiful photo!! You are right, it is a merlin, and because of the muted facial markings I can also say that it belongs to the subspecies richardsonii (prairie or Richardson’s merlin). It is a male because of the blue gray dorsal plumage”.   Thank you Jean-Luc.  Thank you for looking. G

Merlin, Prairie or Richardson's Merlin, Falcon

San Luis Valley Homestead

Abandoned homestead. Evening descends and warm hues of twilight illuminate this winter scene in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Thanks for looking. G