Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: February 2017

Adobe Route, Free Climbing Pigeons

Adobe Route, Free Climbing Pigeons. “I got this… I got this!” at the St. Francis Church Ranchos de Taos, NM. I’m guessing here… perhaps they were eating seeds they discovered in the mud or bits of gravel for their crop. One thing I’m certain about, as I watched them work their way up the building, flying would have been the easier route to take. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe route pigeons on adobe buttress saint francis church ranchos de taos

Old Martina’s Hall

Old Martina’s Hall, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico. A play on words: Old Martinez Hall now Old Martina’s Hall. Martina being the new owner. I’ve driven by this building for a while now and the sculptural lines have always fascinated me. In the past, I’ve made images of the “Old Martinez Hall” and purchased beer at the now defunct drive up liquor window before the state rightfully banned drive up liquor  windows. On this occasion, I can safely say, it was the snow accentuating the sculptured form of the building that caught my eye as I drove past. Thanks for looking. G


Mesa Road, Across Taos Pueblo Land

Mesa Road snows across Taos Pueblo land from highway 522. It snowed again yesterday, following high temps in the sixties last week. Makes it all very interesting, especially for image making.


Pilar, New Mexico

Homestead in Pilar NM. This is a fairly recent image although it looks like time stood still at the end of the last century and we happened upon it via a time travel machine. Very much of New Mexico looks a lot like this. Pilar is a vibrant hamlet on the banks of the Rio Grande twenty minutes south of Taos. There are resident artists, bald and golden eagles, beaver, otter and river rafting outfits. Come and visit sometime. Thanks for looking. Oh! … the cross shaped structure is one end of a washing line.


Bucket On A Fence Post

Bucket on a fence. Driving around Taos County one comes across some wondrous objects that often seem to have magically shown up, by their own will, festooning the landscape like an ancient colloquial code. What, or who, could possibly have determined any usage from hanging a flattened bucket on a fence post?


Winter Moon and Old Homestead

Winter moon rises over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and an old homestead in the beautiful San Cristobal Valley, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G


Tipi Dawn

Tipi dawn and mountain mists. Although native tribes around northern New Mexico and the Rio Grande live in pueblos, there are no shortage of scenes of tipis in the Taos area like this one. Thanks for looking. G

Tipi dawn Taos tipi at sunrise

Snow Moon

Snow Moon and lenticular clouds over Taos Mountain. Always a sight to behold!… the pristine moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. The waxing, almost full, moon was enhanced by the lenticular clouds we’ve been having of late. Thanks for looking. G