Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: March 2017

Chaco Canyon Room And Moon

Chaco Canyon room and moon. When ever I enter a room in the ancient pueblo ruins in Chaco Canyon, I always look up. The sky encompassed by an aperture of undulating shadows, skillful and meticulously layered stone work, draws my gaze upward to a view that, perhaps, the pueblo inhabitants never had. Ceiling and roof timbers have long since deteriorated leaving only remnants of them protruding out of layers of stone and an open view to the heavens above. Thanks for looking up. G


Northern Rio Grande, Colorado

From the northern Rio Grande with a view of Blanca Peak Range in the southern Rockies, Colorado.

northern Rio Grande with Blanca Peak Range of the southern Rockies, Colorado.

Clouds Lifting On Taos Mountain

Clouds Lifting On Taos Mountain. The temperatures over the last few days in Taos and it’s environs have reached 72 degrees Fahrenheit, (22.2 degrees Celsius) with lots of sunshine. A big shift from a couple of weeks ago in the scene above. Thanks for looking. G


Raptor Nest In The San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Raptor nest in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Although this tree has fallen and the nest is close to the ground, from time to time, I come across images that remind me of what a great location this is. Over the many years that I’ve conducted photo tours in this area my guests really respond to it’s location, it’s serenity and vastness. Here is another view of the nest on a winters night when we made a trip there under the full moon.


Sandhill Cranes Heading North

Sandhill Cranes heading north. For the last couple of weeks I’ve seen and heard the Sandhill cranes overhead on their northward migration. The cranes navigate using the Rio Grande, which passes about ten miles west of us. I may be wrong in assuming this, but I like to think that by keeping the river to the west and with the snow capped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east, also aids in the cranes navigation. The Sandhill Crane Festival in Monte Vista, was happening last weekend, about a two hour drive from home. We didn’t have to travel that far … we only had to stop, listen and look up. Thanks for looking. G


Looking Up Where Simplicity Thrills Me

Looking up where simplicity thrills me. I don’t have to wander far, just a few paces from the house, to stand gazing upward to see the cottonwoods stretching out overhead as if reaching for the other’s touch. Thanks for looking. G

looking up in the cottonwood trees san cristobal new mexico

Representing Another Era … Long Gone

Another era. Your business here. I didn’t observe any type of business that this sign might formally represent, as there was no thing else in this middle of no where. Oh! … there was a stop sign.