Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Chaco Canyon room and moon. When ever I enter a room in the ancient pueblo ruins in Chaco Canyon, I always look up. The sky encompassed by an aperture of undulating shadows, skillful and meticulously layered stone work, draws my gaze upward to a view that, perhaps, the pueblo inhabitants never had. Ceiling and roof timbers have long since deteriorated leaving only remnants of them protruding out of layers of stone and an open view to the heavens above. Thanks for looking up. G


10 thoughts on “Chaco Canyon Room And Moon”

  1. I found myself wandering w/ purpose in the space called Chaco Canyon sacred buildings. Ruins is such an unfortunate name because they continue to breathe. My wandering stopped when I felt called to stop in one room. And there I stayed, remembering.

  2. I really like the “frame within a frame” look of this one, Geraint. For me, the contrasts between the sharp angles of the windows and the softer curve of the shadows create a nice visual tension. Nicely seen!


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