Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: March 2017

Belfry, Raven, Full Moon, Garcia, Colorado

Belfry, Raven, Full Moon, Garcia, Colorado. The almost full moon, a belfry cross and a raven tonight in Garcia, Colorado. We made an evening drive to watch the moon rise over the Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado. It turned out to be a beautiful evening with crisp winter light on this scene. I like to think the raven enjoyed the view too, but I doubt it. He sat, perched there, faffing the whole time.

belfry full moon garcia southern colorado

Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, NM

Fajada Butte, under the mid morning sun, from the shade of the ramada, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico.


Moonrise, Cimarron River, NM

Moonrise Cimarron River, where the Rockies meet the plains. This from spring 2007 at the St James Hotel Cimarron, NM.

moonrise cimarron river new mexico

Good Morning Pigeon

Morning Pigeon, trucking along in the shadows at the Palace of the Governors on Santa Fe Plaza, brought to mind piano keys and I could almost hear it playing music playing.


New Mexicana In Questa

You know it when you see it, “New Mexicana”, waiting to be discovered for the first time, what has been around for decades or centuries.

Quarai Ruins, NM

Quarai Ruins, Salinas Missions National Monuments, New Mexico. During my trip here today with my client, we experienced this historical location under blue skies and pristine lighting conditions which concluded our photography adventure on the road in New Mexico. That said, there was one other sublime moment today when a flock of Sandhill Cranes flew high overhead, their rattling, bugling, primordial calls could be heard echoing off these ancient walls as they have done for millennium on their annual migrations. Pausing for a moment, I acknowledged some grander design that exists beyond these man made testaments to our short existence on this planet that go un-noticed by those creatures a thousand feet above.

Between Rooms, Chaco Canyon, NM

Between rooms in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico. The light was glowing today at Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon as we wound or way through southwest history, banging our heads on the ancient beams, accompanied by the silence and intermittent gusts of wind that embellished the mystery in the homes and ceremony chambers of the Anasazi.