Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: April 2017

Spring Rainbows And Red Willows

Spring rainbows over red willows and cottonwoods with Taos Mountain barely visible through the rain. Made in a favorite location of mine in Taos, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G


Gorge Bridge Road And Clearing Storm

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge road, US Highway 64 heads east through Taos, NM from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. At this point, in the above image, US 64 crosses 600 feet above the Rio Grande Gorge over the “high bridge” as it is known locally. This week’s storm clears for a few hours before the next front moves in, and spring turns to winter for the third time in as many days. A double photo op ensued. The fog lifted, followed again, by sinking heavily into the canyon like ethereal waterfalls and just in case we didn’t get the image the first time, the fog rose once more and dissipated. Here’s the image from the road bed. Next stop N.C.  Thanks for looking. G


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The Old Mill Door Patina

Patina on the old mill door. I made this image a number of years ago. I find great pleasure in spending some quality time, with a good beer or a nice glass of whiskey, browsing the hard drives, revisiting images I passed over on first viewing. Sometimes I throw a virtual dart in the form of a four digit suffix (the original image number from the camera), in this case “1191” to see what reveals itself. Yesterday this old door attracted my attention, so here it is. This door belongs to the old mill in La Cueva, New Mexico.


Taos Mountain Cottonwoods

Taos Mountain cottonwoods and sunset. The highway heading north out of town in El Prado (the meadows) Taos, New Mexico.


Ute Mountain Twilight

Ute Mountain twilight, heading home from Colorado, south to San Cristobal, NM this evening. The sight of Ute Mountain is a beacon on the horizon. It acknowledges, that at this point, it’s only forty minutes to home. Not far now!

Ute Mountain Twilight

Love Chairs Await, In Crested Butte

Two love chairs await on a side street in Crested Butte Colorado… not sure why you would sit here or love it, the space between doesn’t say much for the proximity of love. Maybe the space between is where love grows. Oh well, here it is!

Love chairs in Crested Butte Colorado

Estancia Homestead, New Mexico

Estancia Homestead … on the road … on a six day photo workshop around the four corners area and our last day southeast of Albuquerque touring around Estancia and the Salinas Missions National Monuments in New Mexico

Estancia Homestead New Mexico

An Abundance Of Blossoms

The abundance of blossoms is over the top in our neighborhood this spring in the San Cristobal valley, NM