Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: April 2017

Dancing Kachina Cut Outs

Painted dancing Kachina doll cut outs at a souvenir shop on Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque, NM


San Felipe de Neri Church, Albuquerque

San Felipe de Neri church, Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I like finding new peep hole that reveal a familiar view or subject I’ve encountered in the past. Thanks for looking. G

san felipe de neri church albuquerque new mexico

Eagle Nest Lake Twilight

Eagle Nest Lake and the town of Eagle Nest at twilight in the beautiful Moreno Valley, northern New Mexico.


Craquelure, Crested Butte, Colorado

Craquelure. Aging nicely in Crested Butte, Colorado. Decaying paint work on building siding in the old mining, mountain ski town. Wandering around the town of Crested Butte we find many abstract type images like this one. The town has an abundance of scenes lined up waiting to become images.


Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Today we made a drive in to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. On the west side of the Rio Grande Gorge the road meanders leisurely north to the Colorado border. Pronghorn, Elk and many birds accompany us along the way. Seasonal lakes, ancient causeways and abandoned dwellings are reasons to get out of the car and contemplate those who have passed this way. If you have a penchant for unobstructed views, no crowds, peace and quiet, solitude … shall I go on? Join me on a photo tour if this pristine environment is for you.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

White Bridge Over The Rio Grande

White Bridge. A car crosses the Taos Junction bridge over the Rio Grande, it’s headlights illuminate the girders with the Milky Way overhead. Here is the Bridge in Red illuminated by the tail lights of a vehicle. Both in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area, Pilar, New Mexico, and under the starry skies of the Milky Way.


Solar Halos and Summer Sunflowers

Solar Halos and Sunflowers, a little something from last summer. I found this image recently on a hard drive buried in the closet, it gave me a good feeling so here it is. Thanks for looking.


Black Mesa Sunset Across The Plateau

Black Mesa Sunset, across the plateau to a scene that occurs frequently when a storm recedes and the sky gets very dark and the light grows under it.

black mesa sunset light

Elements In The Morning

Elements in the morning, at the TCA, Taos Community Auditorium in downtown Taos, NM

elements taos new mexico

San Jose de Gracia, de Las Trampas

San Jose de Gracia Church, built between 1760 and 1776 in Las Trampas, New Mexico. In this image I overlaid the photo of the church on a photo of the mud walls using Adobe Photoshop Mix on the iPhone. Makes for a different kind of look.

The San Jose de Gracia Church las Trampas new mexico