Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Day: March 17, 2021

San Luis Valley Snow Day Out

Last Sunday snow was forecast, so we headed out into the San Luis Valley, Colorado for a half-day in what was supposed to be blizzard conditions. I’ve been in far worst blizzards. The snow held off for some time, however, after the initial delightful powdery stuff, the snow was thick and wet. Wet snow just didn’t cut it. Of course, we made a day of it and took lunch and cups of tea. When we got home I warmed up with a large whiskey.

This area is one of my most favorite places to visit for personal work or on a photo tour/workshop. On this trip, I was looking to photograph familiar locations in more minimalist compositions. As a side note, my friend and author John Nichols told me he derived inspiration for his book “The Milagro Beanfield War” in this area.

Ute Mountain Tree
Windswept tree, Ute Mountain, Colorado State Line

Garcia, Abandoned Homestead
Abandoned adobe in Garcia, Colorado.

White house San Luis Valley
An abandoned homestead San Luis Valley.

Abandoned homestead San Luis Valley
Abandoned homestead in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Red Barn and Fence
Red Barn and fence San Luis Valley

Lone Tree, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Lone Tree, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

And then the heavy wet snow began to fall, which was beautiful to look at for sure, but my gear didn’t like it, especially the lens front element.

Grain silos, Colorado
Grain silos and tractors near San Acacio, Colorado.

Pole Barn San Acacio, Colorado
A pole barn a few hay bales near San Acacio, Colorado.

Old homestead, San Luis Colorado.
Old homestead, San Luis Colorado.

Barbed wire, homestead, San Luis Colorado.
Barbed wire fence at the old homestead, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Fence line San Luis Valley
Fence line and snow covered road San Luis Valley.

Horse skeleton and tree
Frozen horse skeleton and tree. San Acacio, Colorado.

Red Barn, Colorado
Snowing heavy around my favorite Red Barn, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator
Vanishing pivot irrigator near Mesita, Colorado

River, San Luis Valley
A small river running through the San Luis Valley.

Thank you for all your comments, and compliments. I really appreciate all my friends, and as always thank you for looking.