Las Trampas Grave Marker, On The High Road To Taos

Las Trampas grave marker, on the High Road to Taos Historical grave marker in Las Trampas at the San Jose de Gracia Church on the High Road to Taos, New Mexico. The top decoration has since vanished. I’ve added a link below to an Ansel Adams image of the same grave marker entitled “Grave Railing, Las Trampas Church, N.M., c. 1958. Thanks for looking. G

Las Trampas grave marker, on the High Road to Taos

Link to Ansel Adams image of the same cross

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The Mane Thing On The High Road To Taos

The mane thing on the High Road to Taos. As in … I can’t help myself. I see a horse and I have to make an image of it’s mane. I get a portrait of the horse, of course, but invariably I drift over it’s back to it’s mane. This is where it’s soul resides for me. I often stare for ages at this place. I’ve added a couple of links below to images from other encounters. Thanks for looking. G

The Mane Thing On The High Road To Taos

Las Trampas Church On The High Road

Las Trampas Church of San Jose de Gracia de las Trampas. I know, I know, it’s that church again. I made this image yesterday on a High Road photo tour. We were looking for some alternate angles to the usual, oft seen views. The grave marker was photographed by Ansel Adams in the 1940’s. Specifically, he made a tighter cropped image of the cross with the adobe wall as the background. Knowing that Ansel had stood in this very spot can inspire almost anyone. As the sky was overcast and lighting low key I put the camera on the floor and created the low angle view using the grave marker to fill a chunk of the frame and placed the cross prominently over the sky to the right. I thought it created a dramatic and gothic look to the whole scene. Thirty minutes later as we descended into the the Gorge and headed north to the west rim trail along the Rio Grande Gorge the sun burst out and it looked like a different day. This prompted us to recall the saying, “if you don’t like the weather in New Mexico, wait five minutes.” … or in our case, thirty minutes. Thanks for looking. G

Las trampas church

Photography Tour/Workshop | High Road To Taos

High Road To Taos Photo Tour High Road To Taos Photo Tour Full Day $450.00 USD High Road To Taos Photo Tour Half Day $250.00 USD Gift Certificate Full Day $450.00 USD Gift Certificate Half Day $250.00 USD High Road to Taos Photography Tour/Workshop Locations on this photo tour/workshop include Native and Hispanic villages on […]

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Elk Cows, In The High Country

Elk Cows, in the high country of New Mexico. In the Valle Vidal (Valley of Lifeagain today. We spent the afternoon and evening photographing the high alpine light. Because we stayed out past dinner time, we were fortunate to see so many elk. One bull with two cows emerged from the trees and crossed the road. They stared at us momentarily, then took off into a hillside of pines. Not long after, as twilight descended over the valley, we spotted a dozen cow elks, a number of them pregnant, grazing on the fresh shoots of grass along the creek. These three ladies came down the hillside, herded the others and ushered them into the trees. It was a beautiful drive home. Thanks for looking. G

Elk Cows, In The High Country


Highway 163, Monument Valley, Arizona

Highway 163, Monument Valley, Arizona. “Run Forrest Run”…  in circles. I spoke to a Navajo artisan, at his roadside stand, as to why people aren’t stopping in anymore. His answer “F*****g Forrest Gump. Everyone stops at mile marker 13 where Forrest Gump stopped running in the movie and they take a selfie.” Go figure. We watched a large group of bikers blocking the highway for multiple selfies, only to hop on their bikes moments later and head east. Another tourist ran in place while his partner made a video. A third, we observed, leapt up in the air, legs and arms spread as if announcing … I’m here I made it. WTH! A short distance west I stopped and made images of these donuts in the highway. I can’t imagine the motivation for these. I bought a little piece from a Navajo vendor. Thanks for looking. G

Highway 163, Monument Valley, Arizona