6 thoughts on “Marsh Trees, Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico

  1. Very nice composition & contrast. Foreboding and desolate. Has life left this place? Is there hope for spring? Very Good.

    1. The birds are definitely heading north. I think this photo was shot in early November before they arrived in large numbers at the Bosque del Apache. Thanks Mark. G

  2. Amazing!! I love, love, love this!
    I sometimes wonder how long you may wait for the perfect shot!

    Thank you for sharing these daily photos. I so look forward to seeing them!!

    1. Mostly the scenes present themselves and it’s a mad dash to get set up. Other times I’m willing to wait for quite some time. Photography has definitely taught me patience. In this image I stayed around for about ten minutes after I spotted the location making a number of images. I’m glad you are enjoying my work, and looking in here. Thank you Judy. G

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