Homestead #53 San Luis Valley

Homestead #53 San Luis Valley, southern Colorado. Over the last few weeks we’ve spent many days in the San Luis Valley. I hope you will indulge me my fascination with the landscape, history and architecture of the valley. The area is sparsely populated with many abandoned homesteads. We don’t often meet people out there. Those who do take the time to stop and say hello, asking “is everything ok?’ are more likely a asking a question wrapped in guarded curiosity. Always, everyone we pass driving along, give us a friendly wave, a nod of the head and sometimes a smile. We are welcome for sure, but in return we are gentle with the china and wipe our feet before entering the proverbial home. Thanks for looking. G

Homestead #53 San Luis Valley

Sunshine Valley Homestead

Sunshine Valley, and an abandoned homestead in northern New Mexico. There is an inscription in the door step threshold on the east side, facing the moon rise and the mountains, dated 1946. It’s good to know that someone living here, at one time or another, saw the moon rising over the Sangre de Cristos. I wonder if they marveled at it like I do or were they too busy to notice. Thanks for looking. G

Sunshine Valley Homestead

Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

Morning clouds rising over an old adobe home, cottonwoods and the national forest, in the San Cristobal Valley, NM. I went out to watch the moon set across the plateau. I decided to drive up into the foothills for a better view and found this scene in the valley. The moon had vanished into the clouds on the western horizon. This was the payoff. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

Morning Clouds, San Cristobal, NM – 2096

Santo Tomas Church, Ojo Sarco, NM

Santo Tomas Church in the  Ojo Sarco Valley, northern New Mexico. Making images of the dilapidated building across the dirt road from this church. We got some welcome relief from the midday sun, under the portal roof, though open to the elements. We enjoyed the weathered, decrepit boards and the spaces between them created by time. Including them in a composition with the church of Santo Tomas seemed logical and adequately portrayed our experience. Thanks for looking. G

Santo Tomas church, Ojo Sarco

Diner, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

The old Diner at the junction of US 64 and US 285 Tres Piedras, NM. Looking through the windows of the old diner takes me back many years when one could get a really good green chile cheese burger here. The routes, US 64 from the Outer Banks, in North Carolina and US 285 from Sanderson Texas still intersect here. Alas… no one is getting a burger anymore much less a coffee. That said, the Chili Line Depot, a little ways up the road on US 285, will welcome your with home cooking and “pie”. Hey, thanks for looking. G

The Diner, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Harold’s House, Jaroso, Colorado

Harold’s House, Jaroso, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The first time I saw this house there was a matching tree to the right of the building where the stump is now. There was a large Great Horned Owl flew out of it and through the scene. I didn’t spot it until I reviewed the images later. It was sitting in the tree the whole time that I was making images. Goes to show, you never know who, pardon the pun, maybe watching. Thanks for watching. G

Harold's house Jaroso Colorado

“A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?” ~Unknown


“Ruins Of America Trading Post” Colorado

Ruins of America Trading Post, near Dove Creek. Colorado. A dollar for this photo, thanks Ron, and signs declaring, “Welcome come on in…” “Pull” ” Push” “Closed” and in the image below on the door is their motto. I’m not knocking it! It’s a fine motto. Even though the place was closed I think the chair and brooms were a nice homey touch. Oh… they also have maps and information, books, salvage, antiques, coffee and of course, BEANS! Thanks for looking, and understanding. G

Ruins Of America Trading Post

Trading Post motto… “May our motto always be that our customers enter in anticipation and leave without regrets”

Ruins Of America Trading Post

Dryland Beans, Ruins of America Trading Post sign. I always thought, the numerous times I’ve passed this place, that it was the “beans” that ruined America.

Ruins Of America Trading Post

GMC Truck Cab Shadows

GMC truck cab shadows, in El Prado New Mexico. Over the years, these trucks have provided loads of photo ops for many photographers and there’s always a new angle if one looks for it. Sadly their demise has been advanced by the proliferation of bombardments of rocks. Still… it will make for plenty more photo ops. The hornets are guaranteed a home for many years more. Thanks for looking. G

GMC truck cab shadows

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops. I just completed more than a dozen trips with photographers, sharing with them the locations I know and love. It has been a great pleasure working with so many photographers with varied, personal visions, on composition and lighting, in landscapes, nature, architecture and an occasional portrait. Below are images of a few of my guests.

Southern Colorado Photo workshop

Southern Colorado Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Abiquiu and Rio Chama Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos with Rainbows over the Taos Valley

Ocate photo workshop

On the road in Ocate New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

Abiquiu photo tour

On the road in (literally) in Abiquiu, New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

Group photo at the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.


Next, I am hitting the road on a photo road trip with two photographers to Eastern Arizona, SE Utah, and the four corners area of New Mexico.

Arizona, SE Utah sunrise


If you would like to sign up for dates from now through summer and fall please visit my photo tour page and drop me a line: or call: 505-501-4880. And… please remember it’s never too early to sign up for winter and next years dates when you may be thinking of visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu summer photo tours

Thank you to all my new photographer friends who have joined me on a photo tour/workshop. Geraint