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High Country, Clay Bells, and Duran, New Mexico.

Highway 64 passes through a most beautiful area of northern New Mexico. The road stretches from the Outer Banks, NC, and ends at Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, depending on your direction of travel. In the photo below, the highway passes through the coniferous forests and aspen groves near Hopewell Lake. Join me on a photo tour, and I’ll take you here in wide-open spaces in the high country.

Highway 64, New Mexico
Highway 64, near Hopewell Lake, NM

This ornament, hanging by our front door, broke recently, so I saved a few of the clay bells and photographed them. There’s always time for a quick still life in the studio.

Three Clay Bells
Three Clay Bells

The last image is one from the road in Duran, New Mexico, of the “Wm. Hindi Store, General Merchandise” where a tourist is always welcome… still. Back in 2009 and 2010, I was on the road frequently on assignment for NMSU documenting their agricultural extension campuses. It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the people and places I got to shoot. One trip took me to Corona, NM. I passed through Duran where I found this location. I still wonder about these once-thriving communities.

William Hindi Store, Duran, NM
Wm. Hindi Store, General Merchandise, Duran, NM

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8 thoughts on “High Country, Clay Bells, and Duran, New Mexico.”

  1. My grandfather was mayor of Cimarron in the early ‘60s… he’s actually on the stage at the dedication ceremony of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in September 1965. His home in Cimarron was on US64 on the outskirts of the village toward Raton, right across from the lumber mill.
    When I was working in NC, I considered taking a leave of absence and traveling the length of US 64 from its origins on the OBX to the Navajo Reservation.
    Now I’m thinking about an extended leave of absence… as in no more full-time work and doing what I am supposed to be doing. A photo trip looking for the old US 64 would easily eat up several months and keep me entertained along the way.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    • That’s quite a memory and honor. I shall think of you every time I’m in Cimarron from now on.
      I learned about US 64 when I submitted images for a story on the road. I had no idea it was a close rival to US 66. I hope you get to go in search of your roots on route 64. Thanks. Gary. G


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