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Starting with the Valles Caldera National Preserve this week, Pami and I made a Saturday drive around the block… way around the block. We headed to the Caldera, Jemez Springs, the Gilman Tunnels, Cuba, Abiquiu, and home, a 334-mile block. I also added a couple of images from later in the week from Arroyo Seco, NM.

The Valles Caldera is a supervolcano and will be familiar to you if you’ve watched the series “Longmire.” Walt Longmire’s cabin is located here, the caldera doubles for Wyoming. On this day we listened to the melted ice waters gently lapping in the East Fork of the Jemez River and watched a couple of coyotes hunting way off in the distance other than this it was relatively quiet.

Valles Caldera, National Preserve, New Mexico
The East Fork of the Jemez River in the Valles Caldera.

The Gilman Tunnels were great to visit and the hike through the canyon but there were plenty of us people clogging up the views of the tunnels. If you are familiar with the latest “Lone Ranger” movie with Johnny Depp, then you have seen the tunnels.

Rio Guadalupe canyon
Sun setting over the vertical rock walls of the Rio Guadalupe Canyon at the Gilman Tunnels.

Here’s a cell phone snap of the tunnels. Yep there are tunnels. The real beauty is the canyon.

Gilman tunnels, Jemez NM
Gilman Tunnels, NM.

Not much to say about this abandoned car along the Rio Puerco in Cuba, New Mexico, except that Pami spotted it as we drove by on the overpass. She insisted I should turn around, that I would like it, and I did!

Abandoned car in Cuba New Mexico
Abandoned car along the Rio Puerco in Cuba, New Mexico.

Holy Trinity Church in Arroyo Seco, NM has some nice sculptural adobe details that make for nice accents catching the late afternoon light.

Holy Trinity Church, Arroyo Seco NM
Late after noon light at the Holy Trinity Church in Arroyo Seco NM

Always prepared to look past the obvious I spotted this detail of an exquisite little ornament placed there by a visitor.

Cross and ornament, Holy Trinity Church
Devotional ornament at the Holy Trinity Church, Arroyo Seco, NM.

Last but not least. Nearly all images on my website are available as prints. I’m particularly proud of this black and white print of White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly a couple of years ago. It is available on my website now, click on the image below to select a size option.

Black and white print of White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly
White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

As always thank you for looking.


16 thoughts on “On The Road Again.”

  1. Nice shot of the White House ruins in Canyon de Chelly. Havent walked down there for a few years. Often one hiked to the bottom with goats and sheep en route.

    • I have forgotten how many times I’ve been in the canyon but the WHR trail is always memorable as are the Navajo shepherds and their flocks of sheep. Haven’t hiked it for a few years now but I remember each trip down there. Thank you, Jay. G

      • I am really enjoying your “On the Road Again” series which comes to my email about every week – Thanks for sharing it.

        • Hi June. I hope you’re well. Thank you for following along all these years and for your comments and compliments. I really appreciate it June. G

  2. Thank-you for creating a beautiful storyline. I regularly post your work, Geraint. I appreciate your eye. I live in Upstate NY but have been to the SW many times, especially NM. There are so many “eye- candy” moments out there. Like you, one has to just stay alert to all the possibilities! Blink and you miss a Masterpiece!


    • Thank you, Sue. I really appreciate your sharing my images and your compliments. I hope you make it back to NM again soon. It does get under one’s skin for sure. Thank you again, Sue. G

  3. Beautiful images, Geraint! Thanks for the inspiration and for places to explore on our next visit to your beautiful state.


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