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Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal

Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal. The cabin at Ghost Ranch, (Curly’s Cabin) from the movie “City Slickers” where the door is almost always open and the porch is a cool relief from summer temps. Thanks for looking. G

Cabin, Ghost Ranch, Cerro Pedernal

Winding Road, Rio Chama, NM

Winding Road, Rio Chama, NM. Not so long and only a little bit winding, but look where it draws your view. One of my favorite locations, and views, enhanced by a dark sky, full of potential thunderstorms. Thanks for looking. G

Winding Road, Rio Chama, NM

Rio Chama Road, Off The Beaten Path

Rio Chama road, off the beaten path in Abiquiu, New Mexico. A quick trip to the red and honey colored rock country in the Chama River Canyon yesterday. The temps were in the mid nineties, exceedingly hot and dry! It was great fun to spend time with my son, listening to his story telling, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and good company. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Chama Road, Off The Beaten Path


Cerrito Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Cerrito Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico. A view from the banks of the Rio Chama, and to the south, the Village of Abiquiu. Proximity is the watch word in this area. There are many locations to visit within a short distance of each other in this neighborhood. Join me on a photo tour and I’ll introduce you to some gorgeous landscape opportunities. Thanks for looking. G

Cerrito Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Plaza Blanca Cloud, “The White Place” Abiquiu, New Mexico

Plaza Blanca Cloud, “The White Place” Abiquiu, New Mexico. I put this Plaza Blanca cloud image together today. It’s a large print that I didn’t have time to develop last week when I posted the iPone version on August 7, 2019.  It is now available in three sizes. See below or message me for a quote on custom size and pricing. Thanks for looking. G

Plaza Blanca, "The White Place" Abiquiu, New Mexico

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Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM

Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM. Stopped in Plaza Blanca (the “White Place”) today. It was hot and beautiful. The clouds passed overhead and things cooled for a bit but it’s always cool with a slight breeze in the slot canyon. I love this place. Thanks for looking. G

Cloud, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, NM.

Formations In Rock, Geology Of Plaza Blanca

Formations in rock, the geology of Plaza Blanca, Georgia O’Keeffe’s “white place” Abiquiu, NM. Arches, buttresses and spires abound. A veritable, natural cathedral in rock. I can almost hear evening song echoing off the canyon walls. Thanks for looking. G

Formations in rock, geology of Plaza Blanca

Gecko, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu

Gecko Lizard, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu.  I’ve not seen a gecko here before so it was a pleasant  surprise when we spotted him. He was quite a poser and scurried around to a few locations alighting on the top of rocks for his closeup. Thanks for looking. G

Gecko lizard, Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu

Curly’s Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM

Curly’s Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM. Gorgeous skies over Curly’s Cabin used it the movie “City Slickers”. Dropped in Ghost Ranch today. I’ve been here many times but today the clouds were exceptional. The cabin was glowing and the sky was blue, like only in New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Curly's Cabin, Ghost Ranch, NM

Penitente Morada Sky, Abiquiu NM

Penitente Morada and sky, in Abiquiu NM. I never tire of this beautiful, iconic landmark and architectural gem in New Mexico. It sits perfectly on a bluff, above everything, overlooking Abiquiu and the Chama River Valley. I’ve found my peace in this location and many other locations like it in New Mexico. Here’s a photo I made on my first trip here in 1984. Thanks for looking. G

Penitente Morada Sky Abiquiu NM