Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Abstract

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Window light, shadows, in a downtown Taos store. One light source (sun) reflecting off three car windshields in the parking lot. Thanks for looking. G

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Building Decor Abstract Composite

Building decor abstract composite, connecting Las Vegas and Mora, NM. I love shapes in architecture, design and decor. The buildings are in two different towns, however, the similarities are striking.  Thanks for looking G

Building Decor Abstract Composition

Washboard Glass Abstract

Washboard glass abstract. We dropped in at the Rough Riders Antiques in Las Vegas, NM to pick up a few items, namely, some chairs. Antiques and soft window light seem to work well in this image of a glass washboard. The folks at Rough Rider Antiques are delightful and knowledgeable in their stock-in-trade. Hey, Ron Richardson, thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for looking. G

Washboard glass abstract

Las Vegas, NM, Veiled Reflections

Las Vegas, NM, veiled reflections. There are photo opportunities galore on a morning walk around Las Vegas. Random vignettes, abstracts and street scenes await. The past also awaits, and if you go there, you’ll step right into it. Check out the Plaza Hotel and on the far end of town the newly renovated Hotel Castenada. In between a multitude of buildings, many on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks for looking. G

Las Vegas NM, Veiled Reflections

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado. Found this wonderful art installation on a sidewalk during a photo trek to southern Colorado. I went for the direct approach, color, and contrast. I don’t think it had a tune left in it. It sure did liven up the street corner with a loud splash of color though. Happy Summer Solstice and thanks for looking. G


Simplicity In The City, Las Vegas, NM

Simplicity in the city, Las Vegas, NM. This floats my boat. I gravitate to shapes, muted tones  interspersed with occasional organic matter. Here’s an image from a couple of years ago that explains my attraction. Thanks for looking. G

Simplicity In The City, Las Vegas, NM

Culvert, Adobe Shadows, San Cristobal

Culvert, with adobe shadows in the village of San Cristobal. Sometimes I take a walk through the village to pick up the mail and say “hello” to those I meet. I wave at a passing car and snap a few photos with the iPhone. I’ve been fascinated for some time with this culvert in the field of a neighbor. I’m sure the fascination with this scene will continue. Thanks for looking. G

Culvert, Adobe Shadows, San Cristobal

Plywood Art Everywhere

Plywood art on boarded up buildings everywhere. I am always able to find the positive in something such as the many old abandoned buildings covered in sheets of plywood, in towns deserted by more than half of the original population. Stay warm and thanks for looking. G

Plywood Art Everywhere


Plywood Art Everywhere

Commotion Taken In The Snow

Commotion, taken in the snow. I think the hawk got the rabbit. Though, on second thought… it could have been an owl last night. I’m deducing that the rabbit was gleaning fallen bird seed close to this location and the owl got it. Looks like it made a couple of attempts. This latter scenario would explain why I didn’t see the actually commotion this morning. Thanks for looking. G

Commotion, taken in the snow

Rocks, In The Rio Grande Del Norte

On the rocks, in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument. Beautiful shiny igneous rocks enhanced with deep shadows. A gorgeous winter’s day in our corner of paradise. Thanks for looking. G

On The Rocks, In The Rio Grande Del Norte