Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Mud Volcano Abstract, Yellowstone National Park, WY


Mud Volcano plant, an abstract in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Still traveling virtually around the west. I had to look up a few facts on Yellowstone today and got mired (sorry) in YouTube videos of the geologic features of the area and the continent in general. Fascinating stuff. I’ve added a couple more images below, one of Yellowstone Falls and one of the National Park’s famous residents. Thanks for looking. G

Mud Volcano Abstract, Yellowstone National Park, WY

Yellowstone Falls

American Bison

Window Dressing, Raton, New Mexico


Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico. Paper hanging in the windows had absorbed moisture and become sun scorched over time. I changed the color for aesthetic to this blue patina from the cigarette smoke stained actual color. I’ve added a shot of the whole window below. There were lots of compositions, it was hard to choose. I liked this one with the rippling shadows on the buckled paper caused by clear packing tape attached to the window glass. Thanks for looking. G

Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico.


Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico.

Bluff, Buick, Cow Canyon Trading Post, Utah


Bluff, Utah, Buick Super Eight at the Cow Canyon Trading Post. I’ll be heading out there again soon on a nine day photo trek. I feel sure this old Buick and twin rocks will still be there, I’ll lay odds on the Buick, but those rocks…? Bluff is great place to visit and stay, or stop for lunch on the road to Valley of the Gods, Mexican Hat and Monument Valley Tribal Park.  Stay tuned for photos. Thanks for looking. G

Buick Super Eight in Bluff, Utah.

Shapes And Colors, GMC Truck


Shapes and colors, GMC truck, Overland Ranch, Taos New Mexico. Spent sometime here on a photo tour yesterday. I made some cell phone snaps and some abstract studies. I have a notion to return with the big camera and make some extremely large images of small details in the many shapes. I’ve investigated this and numerous other classic trucks and autos, it’s about time to do it. I’m going to check out the harvest moon rise this evening, as I’ve done for many years. Here’s last years image and one from October 7, 2006.  Thanks for looking. G

Shapes and colors, GMC truck