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Snow Goose, Morning On The Icy Pond

Snow Goose, morning on the icy pond slurping up water through the cracks in the ice. When the first rays of morning light hits these fabulous birds, and the sky overhead is New Mexico blue, the scene glistens and warms my heart as the sun warms my back. Thanks for looking. G

Snow Goose morning on pond ice

Reeds Swimming Through The Marshes

Reeds swimming through the marshes. I made many images down in the Bosque del Apache on the last couple of trips, I’m continually going through them. You’ll see them pop up, from time to time, as I make discoveries that surprise me… after the fact. Thanks for looking. G

Reeds Swimming Through The Marshes

Sandhill Cranes Sunset In The Marshes

Sandhill Cranes sunset in the marshes at the Bosque del Apache. There are so many photo ops one encounters in this magnificent National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley southeast of Socorro, New Mexico. Today I chose this one which pleases me very much. In this case it depicts an evening sunset across the marshes with the silhouettes of the Sandhill Crane settling in for the evening. Thanks for looking. G

Sandhill cranes sunset in the marshes

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache

Great Blue Heron,fishing in the irrigation channels at the Bosque del Apache, San Antonio, NM. I feel like I know this bird personally. Each time we visit the “Bosque” I am sure we are seeing the same bird, in the same location, as on previous visits. Well anyway if it isn’t the same bird, I like to pretend it is. Funny thing though… I feel it knows me! Thanks for looking. G

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache fishing

Juvenile Bald Eagle And Grackle

Juvenile Bald Eagle and Grackle. Here we are in the Bosque del Apache, in the middle of December, south of Socorro, NM where the temps are in the fifties, with a chilling wind that makes our fingers hurt, but we are quite content to stand and watch this scene of the young bald and the grackle ignore each other. The grackle minded it’s own business and the eagle paid attention to everything but the grackle such as geese and hawks and cranes. Thanks for looking. G

Juvenile Bald Eagle And Grackle

Evening Fly In Bosque del Apache

Evening fly in of Sandhill Cranes in the Bosque del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge. The symmetry of these creatures makes me marvel. One minute their wing stroke is all akimbo, followed by this beautiful synchronous attitude. Thanks for looking. G


Great Blue Heron In Flight

Great Blue Heron in flight, Bosque del Apache. I hope you’ll indulge me with a few more posts from the National Wildlife Refuge. This bird obliged by flying alongside the car. It was fun to watch it’s effortless flight and steadfast purpose. It fooled me at the last, as it banked swiftly to its right and over the car. Thanks for looking. G


Javelina Tribe, Bosque Del Apache

Javelina Tribe, on the road in Bosque Del Apache. I’ve only ever seen a single Javelina in the past. These were a few of a larger tribe on this day in the National Wildlife Refuge. They came out of the brush, went into the brush, came back out of the brush and returned to the brush one more time, and then they were gone! Thanks for looking. G


Bosque Del Apache Reflections

Bosque del Apache reflections, San Antonio, NM. As the marshes fill and the cottonwood leaves succumb to the cold nights, the National Wildlife Refuge, becomes that “a refuge”. In a way it becomes a refuge for all who visit, wildlife and us humans. We certainly felt it this week in the Bosque del Apache, NWR. Thanks for looking. G


Bosque Marsh, Mountain Dawn

Bosque marsh, mountain dawn. So beautiful down here in Bosque del Apache (woods of the Apache) NWR, San Antonio, NM. We been coming down here for many years now and every time there is always something new to see. These are only a fraction of the thousands of Snow Geese arriving daily. On this visit we have saw the largest number of wild turkeys spotted here. A section of the refuge previously closed and now open, affording us new views, vistas and habitats. And the mountains… oh! the mountains… lit up from a single shaft of light, and here reflected in the marsh. The good thing is… we’ve made plans for more trips back down here this season. Thanks for looking. G