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Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache

Great Blue Heron,fishing in the irrigation channels at the Bosque del Apache, San Antonio, NM. I feel like I know this bird personally. Each time we visit the “Bosque” I am sure we are seeing the same bird, in the same location, as on previous visits. Well anyway if it isn’t the same bird, I like to pretend it is. Funny thing though… I feel it knows me! Thanks for looking. G

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache fishing

2 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache”

    • Thank you Gale. There is always a Heron at the entrance gate catching fish, rats and other creatures along the aquaduct. His name as related to me by a ranger is “Hammer Hank”. He stands there hammering fish etc. all daay long. Thanks for looking Gale. I hope you are well. G


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