Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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White House, Petaca, New Mexico

White House, Petaca, northern New Mexico, on the backroads of rural New Mexico surrounded by miles and miles of piñon pine and juniper hills. As the saying goes, “it’s not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here”. Then we come across this scene. A half block long, white-washed building, in a hamlet where people stop their cars and say “hello” as we make images of the house, shining under a deep blue, only in New Mexico, sky. Thanks for looking. G


Volunteer Fire Department Building

Volunteer Fire Department. Buildings and locations from days past in “old” New Mexico and the old stuff returning to earth all over the state. I’ve added this building, in downtown Tierra Amarilla, to the “almost gone portfolio”. Thanks for looking. G

Tierra Amarilla Volunteer Fire Department

Bricklaying, New Mexico Style

Bricklaying, New Mexico style. I can’t say whether this is good or bad bricklaying. I’m assuming it is awaiting a finished surface. Who knows? However, it didn’t look out of place in Tucumcari, NM. Thanks for looking. G

Bricklaying New Mexico Style

Building Decor Abstract Composite

Building decor abstract composite, connecting Las Vegas and Mora, NM. I love shapes in architecture, design and decor. The buildings are in two different towns, however, the similarities are striking.  Thanks for looking G

Building Decor Abstract Composition

Stone House, Dixon, Downtown

Stone house, Dixon, downtown. Early morning shadows and reflections of this historic stone house, now a studio gallery in Dixon NM. I put the camera on the floor in front of the puddle, as I can’t resist a puddle and this is what I got. Thanks for looking. G

Stone House, Dixon, Downtown

Little House On The Plains

Little house on the plains, Capulin, NM. This little house out there in the field, befriended by a few ravens, sits alone under a brooding sky. At the time I was on our annual photo trek with my good friend Ron. We descended the plateau and spotted this place. The light was eerily beautiful although foreboding. It hailed heavily after I made this image. When the hail storm passed, a rainbow followed arcing over the Capulin Volcano. Stay tuned and thanks for looking. G

Little house on the plains, Capulin, NM.

Window Light, Costilla, New Mexico

Window light, at the plaza in Costilla, New Mexico. The adobe building is extensive, and crumbling. It must have been a beautiful home in it’s day. The source of the light through the window is the sun. The rear half of the house is returning to the earth. Thanks for looking. G

Window Light, Costilla, New Mexico

Zig Zag, Morning Shadows, Las Vegas, NM

Zig Zag, morning shadows, in downtown Las Vegas, NM. There are a lot of quirky elements in Las Vegas to incorporate in to images. Shadows form at all times of day. We spent a good part of the day ducking in and out of alleys and doorways thrilled by the surprises we found around the next staircase, building façade, and colonnade. Thanks for looking. G

Zig Zag, Morning Shadows, Las Vegas, NM

Yellow Brick Wall Trinidad, Colorado

Yellow brick wall, on the road in Trinidad, Colorado. I’m not a friend of yellow, I usually avoid yellow anything, but I like the way it works in this image. I’m looking forward to a five day photo trek around many locations with my good friend and photographer Ron Richardson. We’ll be spending time in northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado and will stop into Trinidad again. If you would like to join me on an extended photo tour/workshop call me for a date that suits you. Thanks for looking. G

Yellow Brick Wall Trinidad, Colorado



Patterns Of Decay

Patterns of decay. Slowly creeping down the wall like two dimensional stalactites. Here there and everywhere as abandoned buildings deteriorate beautifully back to the earth. Thanks for looking. G

Patterns of decay.