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Walkabout, Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

This week I thought I’d revisit some images from Tucumcari, New Mexico. I spent a couple of days there with my friend Ron a few years ago. It might be time for another visit soon. Maybe this winter for a change and to see what might have changed.

I like to shoot a lot of buildings and storefronts head-on. The perspective offers simple shapes and patterns.


Mural, Tucumcari
Steel flag
American Legion building Tucumcari
Eastern Plains Finance building, Tucumcari
Random sculpture, Tucumcari
Sants Fe Railroad boxcar logo, Tucumcari
Church window, Tucumcari
Church of Christ, Tucumcari, NM
Pass through alley in Tucumcari
Sidewalk nature, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Tucumcari
Danford Dan's music store, Dead End
Window display, Tucumcari, NM
Closed and potted plant store front, Tucumcari, NM
Massey Company, Tucumcari, NM
Smiley face, BNSF, Tucumcari
Random street lights
Dumpster, patina and paint, Tucumcari
Sahara Lounge sign, Tucumcari
La Mesa Motel Santa Rosa, NM
Ford Thunderbird, Tucumcari
Empty sign Santa Rosa, NM
Gas station Santa Rosa NM
Texaco sign Santa Rosa, NM

As always, thank you for looking. G

Truchas, Trampas, Ranchos De Taos, NM

Truchas, Trampas, Ranchos De Taos, NM. High Road photography convoy tour continued form my post a few days ago. It was a little too much editing to do all in one go. There is no order of importance or favorite, I posted these and the previous images in the order we discovered then. Enjoy! And thank you for joining me virtually here on my website. G

Truchas Mission Church
Tin roof with crosses, Truchas Mission Church on the High Road to Taos.


Gated door filigree Truchas
Gated door with metal work filigree, Truchas Mission Church.


Wooden cross, Morada, Truchas
Wooden cross with Penitente Morada, Truchas, NM


Window, Truchas Morada
Window at the Penitente Morada, Truchas.


Woodpile House roof Truchas
Wood pile as big as a house up to the roof in Truchas, NM


Steer on a Deer skulls, Truchas
Steer skull on a deer skull, on a ladder in Truchas, on the High Road to Taos.


Las Trampas church adobe wall
Las Trampas Church belfry seen peeking over the adobe entrance wall.


Las Trampas church
San Jose Church seen over the wooden gate in Las Trampas on the High Road to Taos.


Big doors Ranchos de Taos
Big doors on the St Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos.


High Road To Taos, Black And White Day

High Road to Taos with R David Marks yesterday. Black and White is rubbing off on me on this day out on the High Road to Taos, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. It was a good day, lighting wise to make black and white images and in good company. Thanks for looking. G

Morada Cross, Truchas
A cross at the Penitente Morada in Truchas, a town on the High Road to Taos, northern NM


Ruby's Garage Truchas
Ruby’s Garage from the movie, Milagro Bean Field War, by author John Nichols, filmed in Truchas, NM


Om Shanti bus
“Om Shanti”, Wavy Gravy’s bus, parked in a field near Truchas, NM


Dormer windows and solitary cloud
Dormer windows and solitary cloud, Llano de San Juan, NM


Horse and dormer windows
Horse head and mane with dormer windows, steel roof and mountain clouds, Llano de San Juan, on the High Road to Taos


Horse on the high road to Taos
Horse in the shade of the portal in Llano de San Juan on the High Road to Taos


Serpentine roof line
Serpentine roof line on a building (possibly a Morada) in Llano de San Juan, NM


Las Trampas church
Church of Santo Tomas, (San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas) Las Trampas, NM, on the High Road to Taos.


San Acacio, Cross, San Luis Valley, Colorado

San Acacio, building and cross, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I photograph anything and everything. I shot this out the window when turning the car around. I like the stark graphic of the cross and the shapes in the buildings wall. Thanks for looking. G

San Acacio, cross, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice, San Luis

Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice. Just across the street from yesterday’s mural image, in the “oldest town” in Colorado, is “R and R Market” established 1857 ergo the “oldest shop” in Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Film, License, Pop, Cards, Ice.

The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

The Diner in Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico. The diner at the junction of US 285 and US 64 is long gone now but, was reputed to have had the best green chili cheese burgers around the region. At least that’s what my meat eating friends told me. I’ll have the green chili in a bowl with the cheese grated on top, hold the meat. If you’re looking for good food in Tres Piedras these days check out the Chili Line Depot. Thanks for looking. G

The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

Dance Hall, Petaca, New Mexico

Dance Hall (formerly), in Petaca, New Mexico. It is now part of a residence of a sweet lady I met who has a long history here. She also had plenty of time to share that history with me on her way out to put gas in her pickup truck. As you can imagine there’s a lot of history that this 83 year old woman could share. In brief she told me, her family lived close by and that she was grateful for that.  Thanks for looking. G

Dance Hall (formerly), in Petaca, New Mexico.

Pigeon Hole, Window, Color, Pink

Pigeon hole, window, color of the day, pink! You know where that pigeon is heading to hideout from the storm tonight, joining a few friends in this building on the road in Cerro, NM, “gateway” to the National Monument. Thanks for looking. G

Pigeon hole, window, color of the day, pink!

Doorways, Las Vegas, New Mexico

Doorways, in the old town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. There’s not much use for a level, square or plumb-bob in New Mexico. If there were, then the whole state just wouldn’t look right. Charm, it is what it is. Thanks for looking. G

Doorways, Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Wall Paint, Patina, Holman, NM

Wall paint, patina on a building in Holman, NM looks like a painting. When I first spotted this, out of the corner of my eye, I thought the little blue and rust colored spots were actual flowers. By the time the lichen and mold creep is finished with it’s work, this wall will be a masterpiece. Thanks for looking. G

Wall painting, patina, Holman, NM.