Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda

El Rito, NM “the Mansion”, with sloping veranda.  I love this old adobe and particularly the veranda and climbing vine. Is the vine utilizing the veranda to climb or does the vine keep everything together from ultimately collapsing. The exposed adobe and woodwork is classic. Click here for another photo and be sure to read the comments. Thanks for looking. G

El Rito, the Mansion, with sloping veranda.

White Abstract, Estancia, New Mexico

White abstract, Estancia, New Mexico. I thought perhaps an abstract building façade amidst all the landscape images here over the last week. In the moment I saw this, it brought to mind Agnes Martin paintings, although hers are more horizontal lines and grids. The rock, to hold the doors open, appealed to me, along with the wavy concrete line. I hope everyone is staying well. Thanks for looking in. G

White abstract, Estancia, New Mexico.

Red Barn, Revisiting, Under Rain Clouds

Red Barn. Revisiting this favorite old barn in the San Luis Valley to continue documenting it’s demise, this time under threatening rain clouds. It rained heavily, shortly after this shot, which sent me ducking quickly back into the car. It then snowed for a while on the way home. Not too bad a day, though, despite the weather on the road in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

red barn colorado A7R 2979 7547632

Adobe Shed, Cloud, Llano de San Juan, NM

Adobe shed and cloud in Llano de San Juan, NM. Along the High Road to Taos and many other areas of New Mexico, there are many of these random buildings. The new doors signify, perhaps, a restoration project. Next door to this building is the former Llano Post Office, zip code, 87543. That’s another post on another day. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe shed and cloud in Llano de San Juan, NM.

Taos Plaza Windows, Sky Above

Taos plaza windows and the sky above, just for the heck of it. I think I liked the squiggles on the window panes and the squiggly cloud. Yes that’s it! That’s what I like! Thanks for looking. G

Taos Plaza Windows Sky

Interstate 25, Diversions, New Mexico

Interstate 25, diversions, on frontage roads in New Mexico. We pulled off the Interstate onto frontage roads for access to icons from bygone days. This structure south of Raton, NM was surrounded by retired mobile homes. Nearby was a campground with a large mural of Guadalupe. I think the bars on these windows are more for decoration. The building itself looks like it could be opened with a can opener. Thanks for looking. G

Interstate 25, Sights, New Mexico

Building Colors, High Road To Taos, NM

Building colors, just off the High Road to Taos, NM. I’ve always enjoyed this building when I’ve visited here in the past but on this day, unlike other days, I decided to make an image. I think the snow helped my decision by reflecting some nice fill light on to the scene making the grey tones and turquoise color pop. I actually don’t mind the decrepit nature of the shot. It’s very New Mexico for sure. Thanks for looking. G

Building colors, just off the High Road to Taos, NM.

Snow White, Blue, Blanca, Colorado

Snow white and blue, in the town of Blanca, Colorado. That’s about all I can say on this shot, except, I liked the organic shape of undulations in the snow set against the rigid lines of the door. Thanks for looking. G

Snow White, Blue, Blanca, Colorado

Pink Adobe, Costilla, New Mexico

Pink Adobe, Costilla, New Mexico on a bright and crisp winter morning. The windows and doors have been boarded up. Things change, though I must admit, I do like the choice of color used on the window panel. Thanks for looking. G

Pink Adobe, Costilla, New Mexico

Drive By Shooting, Building Façades

Drive by shooting of building façades from the highways of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. I have been putting together a collection of images, many of which depict façades that are gone and others that no longer represent their original selves. This building is just north of Taos and is currently covered in grafitti! Back then I liked it’s simplicity and hand made doors . Thanks for looking. G

Drive By Shooting, Building Façades