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Coyote Watches, Rio Grande Gorge, Pilar, NM. 02-15-2023

Greetings from snow-bound San Cristobal. This week a coyote watches me from the sagebrush along the Rio Grande in Pilar, NM. A flashback to a photo tour/workshop five years ago.

This week I’m recovering from surgery on my left foot! Had I realized the lack of mobility I’m experiencing, I would have prepared a post last week. So, when I threw a virtual (numerical) dart at the archives this image came up. It’s one of my favorites so I’m putting it out here. I posted a close-up version five years ago, but I like how this more expansive view represents the whole encounter.

Coyote watches, Orilla Verde, NM
A coyote watches, Orilla Verde.

I hope you’ll forgive the single image post this week.

… and as always, thank you for looking. G

Full Moon Setting Over The Coyote Fence

Full moon setting over the coyote fence, Arroyo Hondo, NM. I drove out this morning for, perhaps, a dramatic shot of the moon setting across the plateau. I settled on a few images of this iconic coyote style fence on the hill, north of Arroyo Hondo, with the moon beyond. Thanks for looking. G

Full moon setting over the coyote fence, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Coyote Watches, Rio Pueblo, Orilla Verde, NM

Coyote Watches, at the Rio Pueblo, in the Orilla Verde RA, NM. Today we were down on the banks of the Rio Pueblo, amongst the red willows, photographing fast flowing water. I was very surprised to look up at one point and discover we were being watched by this gorgeous coyote. It stayed where it was, not moving, during the photo session only varying its gaze to the left and right. We surmised that it had a den very near, possibly with young pups. It kept watching until we left. We felt very privileged to be party to this moment in nature, watching… as coyote watches us . Thanks for looking. G


Coyote Watches, Rio Pueblo, Orilla Verde, NM

Coyote Winter Morning

Coyote winter morning in the fields, Taos NM. I was rooting through the archives today for another image and found this fellow staring back at me. There’s a hint of the last kill under it’s jaw. The eyes are always what grab me. Coyotes either stand and stare or take a rapid flight in the other direction. Can’t say I blame them taking off. Maybe a camera and a gun mean the same thing to them, shooting! Thanks for taking the time to stare back. G

Coyote Winter Morning

Evening Coyote In The Long Grasses

Evening Coyote in the long grasses, in a meadow in southern Colorado. I love it when the coyote stops and stares and decides we are just as interesting to him as he is to us. We were, transfixed, during this brief, eye to eye encounter with this animal. In the words of Tony Hillerman “Coyote Watches”, he does, but, I feel sure he saw us long before we saw him! Thanks for looking. G

Evening Coyote In The Long Grasses

Coyote Morning Along The Rio Grande

Coyote stalking prey moving through the lava rocks, sage and cholla cactus early one morning in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area, Pilar, New Mexico. It paused numerous times to briefly acknowledge our presence, loped off, and continued its foraging between rocks and sage only to perch on another rock with a good vantage point and make eye contact again. Moving adeptly, confidently, over the unstable terrain the coyote swiftly gained ground and left us watchers in its wake as it crossed the road ahead and vanished in to the red willows along the Rio Grande.